46 Commits (master)

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Iago Rodriguez Regiani 3074e4e4c7 Revert "Fix failing FM services on Debian" 6 months ago
Vinicius Lopes da Silva 45653becf4 Remove unused constant 6 months ago
Iago Regiani 1bb9c1542c Fix failing FM services on Debian 6 months ago
Charles Short 7b127659e5 Add debian package infra for fm-api 11 months ago
Sabeel Ansari cdf8dc6f6e Add alarm IDs for expiring-soon & expired certificates 12 months ago
Andy Ning 5fbfd8b066 Added an alarm for rootca update abort 1 year ago
albailey 544bb3f74a Add Kubernetes RootCA Update orch alarms and events 1 year ago
Joao Soubihe c50b3b8760 Adding alarm indicating k8s rootCA update start 1 year ago
Pedro Henrique Linhares 3280e6cd5b Adding Kubernetes alarm type for PV migration errors during AIO-SX to AIO-DX 1 year ago
albailey 4639f7dfff Add log and alarm support for vim orchestrated kube-upgrade 1 year ago
albailey 42a9cfa882 Use newer flake8 on python3.8 zuul systems 2 years ago
Teresa Ho 679475b06f Add auto-versioning to starlingx/fault packages 2 years ago
Teresa Ho b22b25dfb3 Add alarm for device image update 2 years ago
Elena Taivan bef81593f0 Raise alarms for image-conversion 2 years ago
Eric MacDonald df03d29278 Change fw 'upgrade' to 'update' for vim orchestrated logs/alarms 2 years ago
Eric MacDonald c5a478beef WIP: Add log and alarm support for vim orchestrated fw-upgrade 2 years ago
albailey ce56ce7ea5 Adding pylint zuul and tox target 2 years ago
Erich Cordoba d235681165 Add missing Requires to fault components for opensuse 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 5e762667a2 Fix version of fm-api for opensuse specfile. 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 61d9addb2c Delete _service files from git. 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 6da9811491 Set version to 1.0.0 in opensuse specfiles 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba c9755220c3 Adding rpmlintrc files for opensuse building 3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 79b32861f0 Change tarball extension from xz to gz in opensuse specfiles. 3 years ago
Saul Wold 1ace05df4b fm-api: remove extra Source: LICENSE line 3 years ago
Tyler Smith 15463f2baa Changes to stx-openstack application automatic re-apply behaviour 3 years ago
Tee Ngo b4c088c6a4 Define alarm group, type and ids for application 3 years ago
Saul Wold 59aa18cf57 Add openSUSE spec files 3 years ago
Marcela Rosales 8e6f88198f Use StarlingX mail list as Package Maintainer for Debian 3 years ago
Marcela Rosales ddd5f9ff9a Add files for fm-api deb packaging 3 years ago
Mario Alfredo Carrillo Arevalo 1e2d8dc04c Add PUT/POST methods to FM restful API 3 years ago
Dean Troyer 91fb95eae5 Use DevStack's setup_*() functions for Python packages 3 years ago
Eric MacDonald 7ae75e24c8 Protect FM API shared data with thread locking 3 years ago
Shuicheng Lin 622ad8d87c Fix clear_fault/clear_all in FaultAPIsV2 raise exception when alarm is 3 years ago
Shuicheng Lin cca4dc0c54 Implement FaultAPIsV2 to distinguish fail and no data case 4 years ago
Sun Austin 558a0b5c71 Fix AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'decode' for python3 4 years ago
Don Penney 4d82104ecf Add hooks for python wheel generation 4 years ago
Tao Liu c8159ea6cb Decouple Fault Management from stx-config 4 years ago
chenyan 7bdf6fd47c add flake8 as pep8 codestyle check. 4 years ago
chenyan 2d16767e7c Python 3 compatibility: relative import modified to absolute import. 4 years ago
chenyan 4ac52a716e Python 3 compatibility: use print as a function. 4 years ago
Bin Qian b9b583b9b0 Controller Services swact/failover time reduction 4 years ago
Stefan Dinescu 4246a0448d Allow filesystem resize if filesystem alarm present 4 years ago
Dean Troyer 6cd8940170 StarlingX open source release updates 4 years ago