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Joao Victor Portal 99eba3afb8 Implement access control for FM API
This commit implements the access control for all FM APIs. An incomplete
list of FM APIs can be found at
"". Unit
tests will be created in other task.

All access control rules can be overwritten through file
"/etc/fm/policy.yaml". Any change in file "/etc/fm/policy.yaml" is
automatically detected by policy engine and the rules are updated.

Differently from other APIs, which have as default rule to enforce that
all users using the API are present in either project "admin" or
"services", all read-only actions (GET requests) of FM API are allowed
for any user, so it only requires "reader" role (that is the lowest
role). Other actions require the user to have "admin" role and to be
present in either project "admin" or "services".

As all system users of StarlingX have "admin" role and are present in
either project "admin" or "services", the default rules for FM API
allows any system users to execute any action, so there should be no
regression with the change introduced here.

To test the access control of FM API, the following commands will be
fm alarm-list
fm alarm-show <uuid>
fm alarm-summary
fm alarm-delete <uuid>
fm event-list
fm event-show <uuid>
fm event-suppress --alarm_id <alarm_id>
fm event-suppress-list
fm event-unsuppress --alarm_id <alarm_id>
fm event-unsuppress-all
On test plan, these commands will be reffered as "test commands".

Note: there is one FM API that is not tested by the commands above,
that is the creation of alarms ("fm_api:alarm:create"). This API will
be tested indirectly by observing the system successfully creating
alarms in the deployed environment.

Test Plan:

PASS: Successfully deploy an AIO-SX using an Debian image with this
commit present. Successfully create, through openstack CLI, the users:
'testreader' with role 'reader' in project 'admin',
'adminsvc' with role 'admin' in project 'services' and
'otheradmin' with role 'admin' in project 'notadminproject'.
Create openrc files for all new users. Note: the other user that will be
used is the already existing 'admin' with role 'admin' in project
PASS: In the deployed AIO-SX, check the behavior of test commands
through different users: for "admin" and "adminsvc" users, all commands
are successful; for users "testreader" and "otheradmin", only the
commands "alarm-delete", "event-suppress", "event-unsuppress" and
"event-unsuppress-all" fail. Observe also that the system is able to
create alarms during its operation.
PASS: In the deployed AIO-SX, add the following lines in file
fm_api:alarm:create: role:admin
fm_api:alarm:delete: role:admin
fm_api:alarm:get: role:admin
fm_api:alarm:modify: role:admin
fm_api:event_log:get: role:admin
fm_api:event_suppression:get: role:admin
fm_api:event_suppression:modify: role:admin
and check that all test commands are successful through user
"otheradmin" and that all test commands fail through user "testreader".
Observe also that the system is able to create alarms during its
PASS: In the deployed AIO-SX, to assert that public API works without
authentication, execute the commands:
"curl -v http://<MGMT_IP>:18002/" and
"curl -v http://<MGMT_IP>:18002/v1/" and
verify that they are accepted and that the HTTP response is 200,
and execute the commands:
"curl -v http://<MGMT_IP>:18002/v1/alarms" and
"curl -v http://<MGMT_IP>:18002/v1/event_log" and
verify that they are rejected and that the HTTP response is 401.
PASS: In the deployed AIO-SX, check through Horizon interface that Fault
Management works correctly (showing alarms and events, allowing events
to be suppressed).
PASS: Repeat all tests above changing the deploy to AIO-DX using an
CentOS image.

Story: 2010149
Task: 46123

Signed-off-by: Joao Victor Portal <>
Change-Id: I3db6d0464d8d53c4dfbc761663be1712141b8b93
9 months ago
Joao Victor Portal 7fd26e0d15 Fault Management API request audit logging
Here is added a hook to the WSGI compliant Pecan server that receives
the Fault Management API requests. This hook logs the needed request
data to "/var/log/fm-api.log". All requests are logged except the
ones of "GET" type.

The code is a port from the same hook that exists in
"starlingx/config" repository, also called "AuditLogging".

Note: there are no "POST" or "PUT" requests available in Fault
Management API v1.

Test Plan:

PASS: Successfully deploy an AIO-SX and verify that the logs of
"fm-api" service are present in file "/var/log/fm-api.log".
PASS: In the deployed AIO-SX, execute command "fm alarm-list" and
check that no GET requests was logged in "fm-api.log".
PASS: In the deployed AIO-SX, execute command "fm alarm-delete 1111"
and check that a "DELETE /v1/alarms/1111" request was logged in
"fm-api.log" with status "404".
PASS: In the deployed AIO-SX, execute command
"fm event-suppress --alarm_id <alarm_id>" and check that a
"PATCH /v1/event_suppression/<uuid>" request was logged in
"fm-api.log" with status "200".
PASS: Successfully build all packages of this repository as Debian
packages: fm-api, fm-common, fm-doc, fm-mgr, fm-rest-api and

Story: 2009824
Task: 44468

Signed-off-by: Joao Victor Portal <>
Change-Id: I25bf662ed9e792b30ae1f90329bd35b918f0a5f7
1 year ago
Zuul 0e7b7df5b1 Merge "Re-enable important py3k checks for fault" 2 years ago
Bernardo Decco 8b64e53985 Re-enable important py3k checks for fault
Re-enabling some of the disabled tox warnings present on
the pylint.rc file


W1641: eq-without-hash
W1619: old-division

Test Plan: Sanity test run on AIO-SX:

PASS: test_system_health_pre_session[pods]
PASS: test_system_health_pre_session[alarms]
PASS: test_system_health_pre_session[system_apps]
PASS: test_wr_analytics[deploy_and_remove]
PASS: test_horizon_host_inventory_display
PASS: test_lock_unlock_host[controller]
PASS: test_pod_to_pod_connection
PASS: test_pod_to_service_connection
PASS: test_host_to_service_connection

Story: 2006796
Task: 43429
Signed-off-by: Bernardo Decco <>
Change-Id: I333a936bd2ee10c19e5d9e6dae23a0b9be6fc2a1
2 years ago
Charles Short 7b127659e5 Add debian package infra for fm-api
Add debian packaging infrastructure for fm-api
so we can create a debian packaging for it.

Also update the directory layout due to limitations
of the STX tool. Update the centos build information
to reflect the new layout.

Story: 2009101
Task: 43091

Signed-off-by: Charles Short <>
Change-Id: I5c9784647581f31384d7475f596663adc0d26498
2 years ago
Zuul 0b4c0c89de Merge "py3: Add support for python 3.9" 2 years ago
Charles Short 68f1b97a7f py3: Add support for python 3.9
Add support for Debian bullseye which runs python3.9.
This was tested by running tox locally on a Debian bullseye

Story: 2006796
Task: 42941

Signed-off-by: Charles Short <>
Change-Id: I5568b85a365104fdbca2af7adcf9f289001baea0
2 years ago
Pablo Bovina 51ba594bf8 Handle cgts-client calls for non-admin users
Handle http client exceptions for non-admin
users. This is because some alarms/events
metadata are not available for them.

For example if the call fails the user will see the a
value like:


instead of:


Before this if an error in translation happened, the user
experienced an alert badge saying "Unable to retrieve
Events", then the user seen an empty table.

Story: 2009077
Task: 43093

Signed-off-by: Pablo Bovina <>
Change-Id: I68eeb103a6fe97beb1fb7969a1cd9503210cdcb0
2 years ago
Dan Voiculeasa 6ad32bbfd0 Fix fm alarm-list and fm alarm-summary
Fixed a typo for accessing a configuration resource.
Fixed a python3 script called by fmManager on initialization. It was
modifying a dictionary while parsing it using an iterator, which doesn't
guarantee all initial elements are visited. The fm database
event_suppression table was left in a bad state, thus alarm list and
alarm summary were empty.

  - build and deploy from iso
  - tested with the provided in the repo
  - tested some of the commands by raising a config out of date and
targeting the raised alarm
  - fm alarm-list, alarm-delete, alarm-show, alarm-summary, event-list,
event-show, event-suppress-list, event-suppress, event-unsuppress,
event-unsuppress-all produce relevant output

Story: 2008454
Task: 42632
Depends-On: I2d0f4c2c85ea8057258d56632a102b2eac7db388
Signed-off-by: Dan Voiculeasa <>
Change-Id: Ib3d5276c4a669a3f3f123470c31edf7a07751eaa
(cherry picked from commit c18a7865c6)
2 years ago
Charles Short c9857c8cf4 python3: Fix python3 compatibility issues
- Replace 'range' with six.moves.range.
- Replace 'zip' with
- Replace 'map' with
- Replace dict.keys() with list(dict.keys()) to get a list on Python
  3. On Python 3, dict.keys() now returns a view.
- Fix 'TypeError: unorderable types: NoneType() < int()' for python3
- Python 3 changed the iso8601 module iso8601.iso8601.Utc()
  function to iso8601.UTC.  This is compatible with Python2.7.


1. Built new fm-rest-api rpm package.
2. Built new ISO with newer fm-rest-api and installed fine.
3. Checked for an exception in the logs while running "fm event-list".
4. Ran "fm alarm-list" without a problem.

Story: 2006729
Task: 42256

Signed-off-by: Charles Short <>
Change-Id: I2d0f4c2c85ea8057258d56632a102b2eac7db388
(cherry picked from commit b91aaaab90)
2 years ago
Dan Voiculeasa 9d9ea1ed24 Fix fm-api service startup
The fm-api service is not properly started since the status logic is

Updated the status logic to drop the regex approach and use the PIDFILE

There is a confirm_stop logic step which still needs to use the regex
approach because the main process spawns children. Updated the regex
for confirm_stop logic step. Now looking for /usr/bin/pythton3 and

Story: 2008454
Task: 42631
Depends-On: I970c2600475e32f2c5fb815738a2fe79f99a5b17
Signed-off-by: Dan Voiculeasa <>
Change-Id: Ia77988ce282ea17de84b89e833ec686df342b3c4
(cherry picked from commit 4d5c6c7f21)
2 years ago
Charles Short 6f4cb036f3 py3: Check for running python3 process
Centos 8 uses python3 by default so check for running python3
process as well.

Story: 2008454
Task:  42370

Signed-off-by: Charles Short <>
Change-Id: I970c2600475e32f2c5fb815738a2fe79f99a5b17
(cherry picked from commit 4958c7be50)
2 years ago
Pablo Bovina e8d00192c5 Removing system uuid from alarms summary
System UUID not required to be part of alarms summary.

This is also needed to allow non-admin users to read
alarms summary.

Story: 2009077
Task: 42995

Signed-off-by: Pablo Bovina <>
Change-Id: I55c0cb297be7e86d31bce116e8ba20a2162d2f04
2 years ago
albailey 90d9eb4161 Attempt to fix zuul jobs from timing out
The tox jobs for fault are having problems with a
timeout, which appears to be related to how long it takes
to setup the python requirements.

This update tries to limit the scope for yamllint, and
eliminate some of the sdist related actions.

pylint has been relocated to the test-requirements file.

The usedevelop = False is required for the base tox.ini
because there are no setup files at that directory level.

Several pylint errors had to be suppressed, and will be
restored once py3 changes are merged from centos8 branch.

Story: 2008943
Task: 42967
Signed-off-by: albailey <>
Change-Id: Icc8747226511f0be614df20800813fe4eb9e6b96
2 years ago
albailey 42a9cfa882 Use newer flake8 on python3.8 zuul systems
flake8 2.5.5 fails on ubuntu-focal zuul machines running python3.8
with the following error:
AttributeError: 'FlakesChecker' object has no attribute 'CONSTANT'

 E117 over-indented
 E741 ambiguous variable name
 F841 local variable is assigned to but never used

 E402 module level import not at top of file
 F632 use ==/!= to compare constant literals

Global Suppress:
 W504 line break after binary operator
 W605 invalid escape sequence

The suppressed errors can be fixed by later submissions.

Change-Id: I2df3ece427f0c84ce16c1a82f4d9f0c9a5a6982b
Partial-Bug: 1895054
Signed-off-by: albailey <>
3 years ago
Teresa Ho 679475b06f Add auto-versioning to starlingx/fault packages
This update changed the TIS_PATCH_VER to use the PKG_GITREVCOUNT
variable to auto-version the packages.

Adds an upper constraint to fm-rest-api to pass zuul.

Story: 2006740
Task: 39842

Change-Id: I4a180f1395ff9764ecc9d617a514e265db670b9c
Signed-off-by: Teresa Ho <>
3 years ago
Gerry Kopec b70b9b5220 Fix stestr version so py27 tox can pass
stestr was upgraded to 3.0.0 on Mar. 26 and it does not support py27.
Update test requirements accordingly so py27 tests will use earlier version.

Change-Id: Ia481a4609d81ad4d225aeb6ec3ab0cc3a9e18ae5
Closes-Bug: 1869777
Signed-off-by: Gerry Kopec <>
3 years ago
SidneyAn 8fcd1cbe03 add test case for migration sync and version
add test class DbSyncTestCase
add test case for migration database sync

Story: 2007082
Task: 38152
Signed-off-by: SidneyAn <>
Signed-off-by: chenyan <>
Change-Id: I8121dedae7e4319a454dc128a591f74ef066c149
3 years ago
SidneyAn 170d4fefb7 Add test case to create alarm into database
Add test class DbAlarmTestCase, DbTestCase
Add fake database in tests/
Add test case test_create_alarm

Story: 2007082
Task: 38085

Change-Id: I906edc894c97fdeb8c52730e00fba765d33edc0f
Signed-off-by: SidneyAn <>
3 years ago
SidneyAn d73ba87457 add test framework for rest api tests
this patch include:
fake pecan app for api tests
4 test cases:
  bad url

Story: 2007082
Task: 38158
Change-Id: I3f933b43aede43f25abca3327a9638a6fa88914c
Signed-off-by: SidneyAn <>
3 years ago
albailey b1dfa14f0b Fix py27 and py35 zuul jobs failing to setup
As of March 1, when jobs run on ubuntu-xenial, they fail
to run py27 and py35 jobs with an error similar to:

/usr/bin/python3 -m virtualenv --no-download
  --python /usr/bin/python2.7 py27

ImportError: cannot import name 'ContextManager'

It does not appear to impact the ubuntu-bionic nodes so
updating zuul to use those nodes.

bionic nodes do not support python3.5, so the py35 jobs
is now converted to py36.

Partial-Bug: 1865554
Change-Id: Iad13d03ced21294d1a02c82f4e1e37cac3f27ee7
Signed-off-by: albailey <>
3 years ago
albailey f63603e966 Adding a tox coverage target for fm-rest-api.
As new unit tests are being added, the coverage target
helps to view their impact.

Story: 2007082
Task: 38836
Change-Id: I2d57aac7c633ab358a2d31bfc8d8a8635931527f
Signed-off-by: albailey <>
3 years ago
chenyan 1b555beaa8 Remove fm.common.utils.generate_uuid.
Replace fm-rest-api fm.common.utils.generate_uuid with

Closes-Bug: 1859738

Change-Id: I31e1ec1c0605707697f03446b1e04eec5063c5f3
Signed-off-by: chenyan <>
3 years ago
chenyan 79a90ab979 Remove fm/common/timeutils.
Replace fm/common/timeutils with oslo_utils.timeutils

Closes-Bug: 1859737

Change-Id: I35697d6e516c0b06bea76babb91e43f45e000650
Signed-off-by: chenyan <>
3 years ago
chenyan 2f37da8e8e Add unit test case for fm-rest-api/fm/fm/common/
Add test case FaultUtilsTestCase.
Add fake log in tests/

Story: 2007082
Task: 38093
Task: 38084

Change-Id: I560415ed1519834c21f0090f594f2da6c26f3eca
Signed-off-by: chenyan <>
3 years ago
chenyan 385f274a8f Create test framework for python with stestr.
Add add the first unit test for fm-rest-api/fm/fm/common/timeutils.
Add tox task for py27/35 as zuul checking and gating jobs.

Story: 2007082
Task: 38077

Change-Id: I2f259dcf2178f42546966063c0d724bc17e2a804
Signed-off-by: chenyan <>
3 years ago
Zuul bc4a5ef2f9 Merge "fm-rest-api: Fix LICENSE Permissions" 4 years ago
Saul Wold 04e2c32864 fm-rest-api: Fix LICENSE Permissions
Change-Id: Ifaf3ea9af03105685e26622d01cc9a7c280842d9
Signed-off-by: Saul Wold <>
4 years ago
Saul Wold 85f6ec6ea3 fault: Clean-up /usr/bin/env instances
The dependency resolver for RPM relies on the shebang to have the
interperter that will be used in order to get things right, so
change shebang to /usr/bin/python.

In other cases, the shebang is not needed at all as these are not
really executable python files, they are part of the python package.
RPMLINT finds these and complains that a non-executable has a shebang.

Change-Id: Ie90a846d6addffca1225e59fd8b6f3753d2991a4
Signed-off-by: Saul Wold <>
4 years ago
Eric Barrett 8142803bfd Enable Python3 Compatibility
Flake8 currently ignores the following errors:
H233: Python 3.x incompatible use of print operator
H236: Python 3.x incompatible __metaclass__
H238: Old style class declaration, use new style
Enable them for python3 compability

Change-Id: I8959f3a78ce683eb93a16234908662189dd7c8a5
Story: 2004515
Task: 29304
Signed-off-by: Eric Barrett <>
4 years ago
Mario Alfredo Carrillo Arevalo 1e2d8dc04c Add PUT/POST methods to FM restful API
This commit implements the methods PUT and POST in order
to insert and update alarms.

Story: 2004008
Task: 30270

Change-Id: I773e651165b3654684b95463167fc565aef1ffa4
Co-authored-by: Sun Austin <>
Signed-off-by: Mario Alfredo Carrillo Arevalo <>
Signed-off-by: Sun Austin <>
4 years ago
Zuul 7e2e25b8ea Merge "for module boolean item, change fields to bool_to_none" 4 years ago
Sun Austin e10ef72a8e for module boolean item, change fields to bool_to_none
Test has been done on Simplex. the fm alarm-list can run

Story: 2004008
Task: 30916

Change-Id: I993a52aa97ee8a21a8d04697b690f371d2a3bad5
Signed-off-by: Sun Austin <>
4 years ago
Sun Austin 53ddc3285a add migrate.cfg to wheel package to install image
Change-Id: If2d256aa56a9b278f7fecae76d1a1efd3a6a0444
Story: 2004008
Task: 30682
Signed-off-by: Sun Austin <>
4 years ago
Dean Troyer d07d41fee3 [DevStack] WSME doesn't always get installed, force it
The jobs are working here but stx-nfv devstack fails in fm-rest-api,
what fun it is to find a transient dependency!  fm-rest-api has
apparently never started correctly but we did not properly detect
that until getting the stx-nfv plugin up.

Add requirements.txt and test-requirements.txt, only
test-requirements.txt is directly used by DevStack but WSME
is not a test-only dependency...

Cleanup to follow:
* properly get the dependencies of the service documented for pip
* properly detect when fm-rest-api fails to start under systemd

Change-Id: I91236d2bbb785c75264e8c4772d4ad6dfa45562c
Signed-off-by: Dean Troyer <>
4 years ago
Erich Cordoba a318debe7f Add notices to Intel authored files.
Story: 2005265
Task: 30087

Change-Id: If7ae800feba773442e452b3183107696e2e6f88e
Signed-off-by: Erich Cordoba <>
4 years ago
Shuicheng Lin 1faff551f2 catch the correct exception for alarm not found case
for the alarm_show/alarm_delete/event_show api, if the input UUID
string is not valid, http server side will return error code 500
(Internal Server Error), due to the error code is not set correctly.
Correct the error code in server, and add client code to handle
"HTTP 404 - Not Found" error code correctly.

Run "fm alarm-show/alarm-delete/event-show" with valid/invalid
UUID, and the response is correct. For invalid UUID, response
string will like below. "xxx" for the invalid UUID string.
"Alarm not found: xxx"
"Event log not found: xxx"

Closes-Bug: 1806927

Change-Id: I8d17c5bc55733f269d875ae835ab6295fed4d899
Signed-off-by: Shuicheng Lin <>
4 years ago
Kristine Bujold 80a9ad661f Enhance get list APIs for alarms and events
Include the optional “expand” option to the get list for alarms and
events so the entire set of data can be returned and not just a
subset. “expand” is and optional parameter and defaults to False.

Story: 2004818
Task: 29096

Change-Id: Ife3b900d90c56564e9aeaa820e57f69d15194eb3
Signed-off-by: Kristine Bujold <>
4 years ago
zhangzs e8d9da24c8 Fix a spelling mistake
Change-Id: I31f5560d2c4bb2932bbca4baed279f32a99eb955
5 years ago
Shuicheng Lin aebc9ee1fa Enable fm-rest-api to return json format error message
Closes-Bug: 1789979

fm-rest-api returns json format message for the correct api
access. For the invalid api access, the message is with html
format, need add wrap_app to convert it to json format.
The implementation code is copied from upstream Ironic API,
and minor modification to pass tox pep8 check.
Also remove "x" attribute for the py file.
Pass build and multi node deploy test. Confirmed the return
message is json format.

Change-Id: I36fa89b82377d52008a467316c42c06caa65cd90
Signed-off-by: Shuicheng Lin <>
5 years ago
Zuul e196077d84 Merge "Update the outdated URL" 5 years ago
brandonzhao 2e41ac07d5 Fix the conflict of urlparse between python2 and python3
Story: 2003310
Task: 27860

Change-Id: Ib8e3932526af47ca0a7306b74000f8e108bd211d
Signed-off-by: brandonzhao <>
5 years ago
melissaml 9ee56d2dd9 Update the outdated URL
Change-Id: I31da5a42fa08e377ed050f8b9b8482bb9c8475a6
5 years ago
Tao Liu 80afa6133f Update the License in FM packages
The fm-rest-api and fm-mgr spec file have incorrect

This update changes the license to Apache-2.0 in and
and the spec file.

Change-Id: Id923baac0c54fb1feb38069dad73dfd13dbf1d39
Signed-off-by: Tao Liu <>
5 years ago
Tao Liu c8159ea6cb Decouple Fault Management from stx-config
Create fault management REST API service
Create fault management client and CLI shell
Add a python extension for fault management application APIs
Update fault management python APIs to use the python extension
Update fault manager to retrieve the SNMP configuration from the config file

Story: 2002828
Task: 22747

Change-Id: I888d8d23edf75d05d51594ccca55570ae366c848
Signed-off-by: Tao Liu <>
5 years ago