14 Commits (f0b76779992f9c8399a307c706d4eaf49cc9465b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
albailey 90d9eb4161 Attempt to fix zuul jobs from timing out 11 months ago
Charles Short 03090ca2bb Fix pep8 gate failures 1 year ago
albailey 08130cd625 Fix zuul jobs broken due to pip upversion 2 years ago
Pablo Bovina 8e74a0ee1e Reimplementation logic for trap generation 2 years ago
albailey 42a9cfa882 Use newer flake8 on python3.8 zuul systems 2 years ago
Sharath Kumar K 2f364daa08 Tox and Zuul job for the python code scan in starlingx/fault 2 years ago
albailey ce56ce7ea5 Adding pylint zuul and tox target 2 years ago
chenyan 2f37da8e8e Add unit test case for fm-rest-api/fm/fm/common/utils.py 2 years ago
chenyan 385f274a8f Create test framework for python with stestr. 2 years ago
Saul Wold 91af45019b Tox: add tox job and requirements to improve specfiles 3 years ago
Al Bailey a40bce19f9 Enable additional flake8 checks 3 years ago
Bart Wensley 8080f496b6 Lock down flake8 version 4 years ago
chenyan 7bdf6fd47c add flake8 as pep8 codestyle check. 4 years ago
Dean Troyer 3a4be5f79c Add default test framework 4 years ago