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Eric MacDonald f2fedc0446 Add alarm retry support to maintenance alarm handling daemon
The maintenance alarm handling daemon (mtcalarmd) should not
drop alarm requests simply because FM process is not running.
Insteads it should retry for it and other FM error cases that
will likely succeed in time if they are retried.

Some error cases however do need to be dropped such as those
that are unlikely to succeed with retries.

Reviewed FM return codes with FM designer which lead to a list
of errors that should drop and others that should retry.

This update implements that handling with a posting and
servicing of a first-in / first-out alarm queue.

Typical retry case is the NOCONNECT error code which occurs
when FM is not running.

Alarm ordering and first try timestamp is maintained.
Retries and logs are throttled to avoid flooding.

Test Plan:

PASS: Verify success path alarm handling End-to-End.
PASS: Verify retry handling while FM is not running.
PASS: Verify handling of all FM error codes (fit tool).
PASS: Verify alarm handling under stress (inject-alarm script) soak.
PASS: verify no memory leak over stress soak.
PASS: Verify logging (success, retry, failure)
PASS: Verify alarm posted date is maintained over retry success.

Change-Id: Icd1e75583ef660b767e0788dd4af7f184bdb9e86
Closes-Bug: 1841653
Signed-off-by: Eric MacDonald <>
2019-10-07 09:07:49 -04:00
Jim Gauld 6a5e10492c Decouple Guest-server/agent from stx-metal
This decouples the build and packaging of guest-server, guest-agent from
mtce, by splitting guest component into stx-nfv repo.

This leaves existing C++ code, scripts, and resource files untouched,
so there is no functional change. Code refactoring is beyond the scope
of this update.

Makefiles were modified to include devel headers directories
/usr/include/mtce-common and /usr/include/mtce-daemon.
This ensures there is no contamination with other system headers.

The cgts-mtce-common package is renamed and split into:
- repo stx-metal: mtce-common, mtce-common-dev
- repo stx-metal: mtce
- repo stx-nfv: mtce-guest
- repo stx-ha: updates package dependencies to mtce-pmon for
  service-mgmt, sm, and sm-api

- contains common and daemon shared source utility code

- based on mtce-common, contains devel package required to build
  mtce-guest and mtce
- contains common library archives and headers

- contains components: alarm, fsmon, fsync, heartbeat, hostw, hwmon,
  maintenance, mtclog, pmon, public, rmon

- contains guest component guest-server, guest-agent

Story: 2002829
Task: 22748

Change-Id: I9c7a9b846fd69fd566b31aa3f12a043c08f19f1f
Signed-off-by: Jim Gauld <>
2018-09-18 17:15:08 -04:00