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Matheus Machado Guilhermino 360a344370 Fix remaining failing mtce services on Debian
Modified mtce to address the following
failing services on Debian:

Applied fix:
- Included modified .service files for debian
directly into into the deb_folder.
- Changed the init files to account for the different
locations of the init-functions and service daemons
on Debian and CentOS
- Included "override_dh_installsystemd" section
to rules in order to start services at boot.

Test Plan:

PASS: Package installed and ISO built successfully
PASS: Ran "systemctl list-units --failed" and verified that the
services are not failing
PASS: Ran "systemctl status <service_name>" for
each service and verified that they are behaving as desired
PASS: Services work as expected on CentOS
PASS: Bootstrap and host-unlock successful on CentOS

Story: 2009101
Task: 44323

Signed-off-by: Matheus Machado Guilhermino <>
Change-Id: Ie61cedac24f84baea80cab6a69772f8b2e9e1395
1 year ago
Eric MacDonald 3c1e9d9601 Modify mtce daemon log rotation config files
This update make the following setting changes to the
maintenance log rotation configuration files

 - add 'create' with permissions to each tuple
 - add 'delaycompress'
 - group together log files with similar settings
 - move global settings ro local settings
 - remove 'copytruncate' global setting
 - remove the 'nodateext' global and local setting

Test Plan:

PASS: Verify log rotation for all mtc log files
PASS: Verify no log loss over rotation
PASS: Verify log rotation file naming convention
PASS: Verify delaycompress on all mtce log files
PASS: Verify log permissions after rotate are 0640


PASS: Verify AIO system install
PASS: Verify Standard system install
PASS: Verify full and dated collect

Change-Id: I623030fa2c1ce4e8085e654ae3fb782c7e520924
Partial-Bug: 1918979
Signed-off-by: Eric MacDonald <>
2 years ago
Sharath Kumar K b725a0974b De-branding in starlingx/metal: Titanium Cloud -> StarlingX
1. Rename Titanium Cloud to StarlingX for .spec files
2. Rename Titanium Cloud to StarlingX for .service file

After the de-brand change, bootimage.iso has built in the flock layer
and installed on the dev machine to validate the changes.

Please note, doing de-brand changes in batches, this is batch1 changes.

Story: 2006387
Task: 36207

Change-Id: Ifa4dc5c7aa3189815e00b796fc833852e88c8fe3
Signed-off-by: Sharath Kumar K <>
3 years ago
Erich Cordoba 1390ce0e95 Add LSB headers to mtce service scripts
The LSB headers are required by openSUSE build system as one of the
quality checks. This patch adds the header and missing fields. A $null
value was set for all unchanged fields

Change-Id: I22ee3571b70b22e1fe8238c2a94b3f4d099d41cd
Signed-off-by: Erich Cordoba <>
4 years ago
Dean Troyer 83101e95ba Add EXTRALDFLAGS to linker in a number of Makefiles
This allows DevStack plugins to add its configured STX_INST_DIR
to the linker search path.

Change-Id: I277204cd89767b93eec6c96969fc33d23e04516b
Signed-off-by: Dean Troyer <>
4 years ago
Tao Liu 9661e49411 Change compute node to worker node personality
This update replaces compute references to worker in mtce,
kickstarts, installer and bsp files.

Tests Performed:
Non-containerized deployment
AIO-SX: Sanity and Nightly automated test suite
AIO-DX: Sanity and Nightly automated test suite
2+2 System: Sanity and Nightly automated test suite
2+2 System: Horizon Patch Orchestration

Kubernetes deployment:
AIO-SX: Create, delete, reboot and rebuild instances
2+2+2 System: worker nodes are unlock enable and no alarms

Story: 2004022
Task: 27013


Change-Id: I225f7d7143d841f80459603b27b95ac3f846c46f
Signed-off-by: Tao Liu <>
5 years ago
Dean Troyer 58b987239f Set SHELL in Makefiles that use bash constructs
A number of Makefiles use '[[' in their test to set

Change-Id: Ie9536d7cafd518f3e65acf38ac5b30aa7536ea79
Signed-off-by: Dean Troyer <>
5 years ago
Jim Gauld 6a5e10492c Decouple Guest-server/agent from stx-metal
This decouples the build and packaging of guest-server, guest-agent from
mtce, by splitting guest component into stx-nfv repo.

This leaves existing C++ code, scripts, and resource files untouched,
so there is no functional change. Code refactoring is beyond the scope
of this update.

Makefiles were modified to include devel headers directories
/usr/include/mtce-common and /usr/include/mtce-daemon.
This ensures there is no contamination with other system headers.

The cgts-mtce-common package is renamed and split into:
- repo stx-metal: mtce-common, mtce-common-dev
- repo stx-metal: mtce
- repo stx-nfv: mtce-guest
- repo stx-ha: updates package dependencies to mtce-pmon for
  service-mgmt, sm, and sm-api

- contains common and daemon shared source utility code

- based on mtce-common, contains devel package required to build
  mtce-guest and mtce
- contains common library archives and headers

- contains components: alarm, fsmon, fsync, heartbeat, hostw, hwmon,
  maintenance, mtclog, pmon, public, rmon

- contains guest component guest-server, guest-agent

Story: 2002829
Task: 22748

Change-Id: I9c7a9b846fd69fd566b31aa3f12a043c08f19f1f
Signed-off-by: Jim Gauld <>
5 years ago