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Dean Troyer 83101e95ba Add EXTRALDFLAGS to linker in a number of Makefiles
This allows DevStack plugins to add its configured STX_INST_DIR
to the linker search path.

Change-Id: I277204cd89767b93eec6c96969fc33d23e04516b
Signed-off-by: Dean Troyer <>
2019-02-28 22:34:54 -06:00
Dean Troyer 58b987239f Set SHELL in Makefiles that use bash constructs
A number of Makefiles use '[[' in their test to set

Change-Id: Ie9536d7cafd518f3e65acf38ac5b30aa7536ea79
Signed-off-by: Dean Troyer <>
2018-12-07 14:09:48 -06:00
Jim Gauld 6a5e10492c Decouple Guest-server/agent from stx-metal
This decouples the build and packaging of guest-server, guest-agent from
mtce, by splitting guest component into stx-nfv repo.

This leaves existing C++ code, scripts, and resource files untouched,
so there is no functional change. Code refactoring is beyond the scope
of this update.

Makefiles were modified to include devel headers directories
/usr/include/mtce-common and /usr/include/mtce-daemon.
This ensures there is no contamination with other system headers.

The cgts-mtce-common package is renamed and split into:
- repo stx-metal: mtce-common, mtce-common-dev
- repo stx-metal: mtce
- repo stx-nfv: mtce-guest
- repo stx-ha: updates package dependencies to mtce-pmon for
  service-mgmt, sm, and sm-api

- contains common and daemon shared source utility code

- based on mtce-common, contains devel package required to build
  mtce-guest and mtce
- contains common library archives and headers

- contains components: alarm, fsmon, fsync, heartbeat, hostw, hwmon,
  maintenance, mtclog, pmon, public, rmon

- contains guest component guest-server, guest-agent

Story: 2002829
Task: 22748

Change-Id: I9c7a9b846fd69fd566b31aa3f12a043c08f19f1f
Signed-off-by: Jim Gauld <>
2018-09-18 17:15:08 -04:00