67 Commits (master)

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  Don Penney cc0fe433b4 Add auto-version for remaining stx/monitor-armada-app packages 6 months ago
  Zuul 3bb54aad85 Merge "Fix monitor-helm* specfiles for new tarballs" 11 months ago
  Saul Wold 3d8669b6e9 Fix monitor-helm* specfiles for new tarballs 1 year ago
  Jim Gauld ebc6c72214 Add support for Helm v3 1 year ago
  Matt Peters c6147a836a Add logstash ingress helm template 1 year ago
  Matt Peters 502b653768 Update Logstash to use NodePort Ingress 1 year ago
  Simon Cousineau 6f249ae424 Fix Elasticsearch readiness probe http endpoint 1 year ago
  Simon Cousineau d0190a4cc1 Fix esConfig checksum annotation 1 year ago
  Simon Cousineau 64269d4f1b Add hostNetworking parameter to logstash config 1 year ago
  Zuul f1391c51bd Merge "Container logs collected without Kubernetes metadata" 1 year ago
  Simon Cousineau 442ddcba07 Add updateStrategy parameter to beats configs 1 year ago
  Simon Cousineau 2f5215f29b Container logs collected without Kubernetes metadata 1 year ago
  Simon Cousineau f97b837f49 Add command and args parameters to beats and logstash 1 year ago
  Simon Cousineau d1ee1b4c3b Metricbeat nodeSelector and tolerations config 1 year ago
  Simon Cousineau b3169efa35 Update Elastic helm-charts to 7.6.0 release 1 year ago
  Kevin Smith 4e1bf7971e stx-monitor logstash template change 1 year ago
  Kevin Smith bdfd8a2abd stx-monitor elasticsearch readiness probe enhancements 1 year ago
  Matt Peters 687fb8584f Propagate host mount changes to metricbeat container 1 year ago
  Bin Qian 03c2d97364 Trigger upload job to upload repo to GitHub 1 year ago
  Bin Qian 252f8708c7 Adding job to upload commits to GitHub 1 year ago
  Zuul da6f26b4b1 Merge "Stx-monitor: add setup script flexibility" 1 year ago
  Angie Wang 56e309f772 Add missing imagePullSecrets overrides for monitor app 1 year ago
  Kevin Smith 2e89eb368a Stx-monitor: add setup script flexibility 1 year ago
  Abdelfattah Saafan 757fc67c25 Add rbac replicasets to apps apigroup 1 year ago
  Kevin Smith f6010f4ed2 Remove unused image references from monitor app 2 years ago
  John Kung a977b0ba13 Set Elasticsearch clusterHealthCheckParams for recovery 2 years ago
  Angie Wang 3a0c00ee39 Update stx-monitor manifest 2 years ago
  Kevin Smith a7c270d101 Adjust curator limits based on num of data nodes 2 years ago
  John Kung 352430351c Update elastic charts to enable docker images from local repository 2 years ago
  Zuul 035393a1e0 Merge "Build layering, add layer build config file and tarball lst file" 2 years ago
  Kevin Smith b846376f2c Delay elasticsearch-data termination 2 years ago
  Zuul 1b2fe9bb8e Merge "Add metadata for stx-monitor" 2 years ago
  Zuul c32e17a679 Merge "Modify Manifest Statefulset Wait Parms" 2 years ago
  Angie Wang b572232c96 Add metadata for stx-monitor 2 years ago
  Kevin Smith 287bcb3d64 Modify Manifest Statefulset Wait Parms 2 years ago
  Matt Peters 433b216fbd update init container env to include node name 2 years ago
  Zuul 44b43c4a9c Merge "elastic: application-update support" 2 years ago
  Kevin Smith a796ef7fba elastic: application-update support 2 years ago
  Matt Peters b3a982b6c1 Fix metricbeat filesystem metric collection 2 years ago
  Zuul 1c24b8ffaa Merge "elastic: update masterService in manifest" 2 years ago
  Kevin Smith 6716be451f elastic: update masterService in manifest 2 years ago
  John Kung c5791442e5 Update kube-state-metrics for compatibility with kubernetes API 1.16 2 years ago
  Zuul c6821614fb Merge "Update Elasticsearch 7.4.0 and resource limits" 2 years ago
  John Kung d3751ee92a Update Elasticsearch 7.4.0 and resource limits 2 years ago
  Kevin Smith cfb72e5681 Elastic: Add elasticsearch-curator for index management 2 years ago
  Scott Little 004a10eaeb Build layering, add layer build config file and tarball lst file 2 years ago
  Kevin Smith 97576c7dc3 Elastic: Move to the elasticsearch charts at elastic/helm-charts 2 years ago
  John Kung 79faff5044 Update stx-monitor for kubernetes API 1.16 2 years ago
  Kevin Smith 2b0f56f584 Elastic: 3 Masters config 2 years ago
  Kevin Smith b70b678ade Elastic: Use system name in index 2 years ago