Add collectd-python runtime dependency

In the collectd update to version 5.8.1-4 the python plugin
was moved out fo the rpm and provided as a separate package.

The rpm needs now to depend on collectd-python, otherwise the
collectd funcionality will be broken.

Closes-Bug: 1817351

Change-Id: I4d388b09ab5a94d807f11bae2ae958141e683501
Signed-off-by: Erich Cordoba <>
Erich Cordoba 2019-09-16 22:48:00 -05:00
parent acfe37273e
commit 2dfb03de5b
1 changed files with 1 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ BuildRequires: systemd-devel
Requires: systemd
Requires: collectd
Requires: collectd-python
Requires: fm-api
Requires: python-httplib2
Requires: python-influxdb