Add host stabilization wait for post-live-migration cleanup

This adds WaitHostStabilizeTaskWork routine to be called after
all VMs have migrated from the host during host-disable.

Post-live-migration cleanup at the compute source host occurs
after the nova database instances table get updated with
destination host and task_state None. This source cleanup period
has been observed to take up to 3 seconds for: disk, neutron
ports, migration record, and console.

There is not a deterministic way provided by nova to indicate
live-migration including the cleanup has completed. This update
gives sufficient wait (i.e., 10 seconds) for post-live-migration
to complete at the source before host is disabled and pods are

Change-Id: Id6d500b627dea8057807bd7dfa07899bd205d3e6
Closes-Bug: 1892885
Signed-off-by: Jim Gauld <>
Jim Gauld 2 years ago
parent 8e266832a9
commit c4429fd67a
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@ -1825,3 +1825,35 @@ class NotifyInstancesHostDisabledTaskWork(state_machine.StateTaskWork):
self._host.uuid,, self._callback())
return handled
class WaitHostStabilizeTaskWork(state_machine.StateTaskWork):
Wait Host Stabilize Task Work
def __init__(self, task, host, timeout_in_secs=60):
super(WaitHostStabilizeTaskWork, self).__init__(
'wait-host-stabilize_%s' %, task,
self._host_reference = weakref.ref(host)
def _host(self):
Returns the host
host = self._host_reference()
return host
def timeout(self):
Timeout is expected, so override to pass
return state_machine.STATE_TASK_WORK_RESULT.SUCCESS, empty_reason
def run(self):
Run wait host stabilize
DLOG.verbose("Wait-Host-Stabilize for %s." %
return state_machine.STATE_TASK_WORK_RESULT.WAIT, empty_reason

@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ from nfv_vim.host_fsm._host_task_work import NotifyInstancesHostDisablingTaskWor
from nfv_vim.host_fsm._host_task_work import QueryHypervisorTaskWork
from nfv_vim.host_fsm._host_task_work import WaitHostServicesCreatedTaskWork
from nfv_vim.host_fsm._host_task_work import WaitHostServicesDisabledTaskWork
from nfv_vim.host_fsm._host_task_work import WaitHostStabilizeTaskWork
DLOG = debug.debug_get_logger('nfv_vim.state_machine.host_task')
@ -235,6 +236,10 @@ class DisableHostTask(state_machine.StateTask):
self, host, objects.HOST_SERVICES.NETWORK))
task_work_list.append(NotifyInstancesHostDisabledTaskWork(self, host))
# Wait for latent post-live-migration cleanup
if host.host_service_configured(objects.HOST_SERVICES.COMPUTE):
self, host, timeout_in_secs=10))
if host.host_service_configured(objects.HOST_SERVICES.CONTAINER):
# Only disable the container services if the host is being locked
# (or is already locked) and we are not running in a single