StarlingX NFVI Orchestration
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# Copyright (c) 2015-2016 Wind River Systems, Inc.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
PREFIX ?= /usr/local
LOCALBINDIR ?= /usr/local/bin
UNITDIR ?= /var/lib/systemd/system
SRCS = guestClass.cpp guestInstClass.cpp \
guestSvrFsm.cpp guestSvrHdlr.cpp \
guestServer.cpp guestAgent.cpp \
guestHttpSvr.cpp guestHttpUtil.cpp guestVimApi.cpp \
guestUtil.cpp guestSvrUtil.cpp guestSvrMsg.cpp \
guestVirtio.cpp guestStubs.cpp
guestAgent.o guestClass.o guestHttpSvr.o guestHttpUtil.o guestVimApi.o guestUtil.o guestStubs.o
guestServer.o guestInstClass.o \
guestSvrFsm.o guestSvrHdlr.o \
guestSvrMsg.o guestVirtio.o \
guestUtil.o guestSvrUtil.o
OBJS = $(SRCS:.cpp=.o)
CCPFLAGS = -g -O2 -Wall -Wextra -Werror
LDLIBS = $(EXTRALDFLAGS) -lstdc++ -ldaemon -lcommon -lfmcommon -ljson-c -levent -lrt -lcrypto -luuid
INCLUDES = -I. -I/usr/include/mtce-common -I/usr/include/mtce-daemon
build: $(OBJS)
$(CXX) $(CCPFLAGS) $(AGENT_OBJS) $(LDLIBS) -L. -o guestAgent
$(CXX) $(CCPFLAGS) $(SERVER_OBJS) $(LDLIBS) -L. -o guestServer
install -m 755 -d $(SYSCONFDIR)
install -m 755 -d $(PREFIX)
install -m 755 -d $(LOCALBINDIR)
install -m 755 -d $(SYSCONFDIR)/mtc
install -m 755 -d $(SYSCONFDIR)/mtc/tmp
# resource agent stuff
install -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib
install -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/ocf
install -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d
install -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/platform
install -m 755 -p -D scripts/guestAgent.ocf $(DESTDIR)/usr/lib/ocf/resource.d/platform/guestAgent
# config files
install -m 600 -p -D scripts/guest.ini $(SYSCONFDIR)/mtc/guestAgent.ini
install -m 600 -p -D scripts/guest.ini $(SYSCONFDIR)/mtc/guestServer.ini
# binaries
install -m 700 -p -D guestServer $(LOCALBINDIR)/guestServer
install -m 700 -p -D guestAgent $(LOCALBINDIR)/guestAgent
# init script files
install -m 700 -p -D scripts/guestServer $(SYSCONFDIR)/init.d/guestServer
install -m 700 -p -D scripts/guestAgent $(SYSCONFDIR)/init.d/guestAgent
# process monitor config files
install -m 755 -d $(SYSCONFDIR)/pmon.d
install -m 644 -p -D scripts/guestServer.pmon $(SYSCONFDIR)/pmon.d/guestServer.conf
# log rotation
install -m 755 -d $(SYSCONFDIR)/logrotate.d
install -m 644 -p -D scripts/guestAgent.logrotate $(SYSCONFDIR)/logrotate.d/guestAgent.logrotate
install -m 644 -p -D scripts/guestServer.logrotate $(SYSCONFDIR)/logrotate.d/guestServer.logrotate
# volatile directores
install -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)/var
install -m 755 -d $(DESTDIR)/var/run
@rm -v -f $(OBJ) guestAgent guestServer *.o *.a