44 Commits (280b90157b3cfa9984accec71a2ce9883c818ab8)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Thiago Brito 01f6571912 Update openstack-helm-infra commit 10 months ago
Lucas Cavalcante 4fa28660d3 Add support for trust public ingress 1 year ago
Shuicheng Lin ed82abff0f Create stx_admin account for flock service to communicate with openstack 2 years ago
Elena Taivan a643665af4 Change default pg_num values for ceph pools: 2 years ago
Angie Wang c14bed0043 Update openstack requests to go through ingress 2 years ago
Zhipeng Liu 5b18dcc50e Upgrade openstack-helm 2 years ago
Mingyuan Qi a4503a28ac Check return value of get subnets before iterate for ironic 3 years ago
Andy Ning b7d7c7d63a Support ingress creation for keystone admin endpoint 3 years ago
zhipengl 64eab01514 Upgrade openstack-helm 3 years ago
zhipengl 2e63d41e5c Add a network config item for novncproxy 3 years ago
Teresa Ho a570937580 Change cinder bootstrap script 3 years ago
Teresa Ho c89d718248 Fix secret tls for placement helm chart 3 years ago
Angie Wang e03692c512 Add TLS support for telemetry service public endpoints 3 years ago
Gerry Kopec 56a56693b5 Update nova chart to support service token 3 years ago
Daniel Badea 875feb0307 Cinder support for multiple Ceph backends 3 years ago
zhipengl f608f08309 Add placement chart patch to openstack-helm 3 years ago
Robert Church ea876f584e Cinder chart updates for volume backup and image caching 3 years ago
Martin, Chen 1deefb044e Fixed exceptions in nova pods 3 years ago
Mingyuan Qi 954210460e Ironic: Add pxe boot support for centos image 3 years ago
Daniel Badea 5b4c8e5d38 openstack-helm remove Ceph Jewel support 3 years ago
Robert Church f32827ca61 openstack-helm chart rebase 3 years ago
Scott Little 9736550f9b Defuzz openstack-helm patch 3 years ago
chengli3 c5db307937 'up' interfaces added via ovs auto_bridge_add 3 years ago
Irina Mihai 391b7019f6 Nova chart: Add ephemeral pool creation 3 years ago
chengli3 9587d6c2d2 Support per-host overrides of auto_bridge_add 3 years ago
Gerry Kopec 3667add296 Update nova helm chart to fix console addressing 4 years ago
Irina Mihai 5035a2dced Glance chart: add images pool replication 4 years ago
Robert Church 39d788578a Stein: Update neutron's daemonset-ovs-agent.yaml 4 years ago
Robert Church 43fa4e503f Stein: Update Cinder to include resource_filters.json 4 years ago
Robert Church 051ebc5eaa Stein: Remove ceilometer-upgrade option 4 years ago
Gerry Kopec ce8ea37905 Update helm charts to support cold migration 4 years ago
Tao Liu 2d29565911 Clean up the stale files 4 years ago
Al Bailey 99eec10f56 Updating helm build process to not require networking 4 years ago
Angie Wang 341c5e2190 ceilometer chart: mount IPMI device from host 4 years ago
David Sullivan 928c768a54 Add heat-purge-deleted cron job 4 years ago
Chris Friesen 2dcd27dc88 Remove stale Apache2 service pids when a POD starts. 4 years ago
Angie Wang 2d40642d31 Use k8s secret to store config in openstack telemetry charts 4 years ago
Robert Church 537af44966 Rebase openstack-helm and openstack-helm-infra 4 years ago
Angie Wang 2e42c8c0c6 Add helm charts for Aodh and Panko to openstack-helm 4 years ago
Al Bailey a0d06c3ac2 Adding openstack-helm and openstack-helm-infra to the build 4 years ago