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Gustavo Ornaghi Antunes 5d3806316f Properly disable platform-integ-apps charts
Pods were not being deleted when rbd-provisioner or cephfs-provisioner
charts are disabled and then reapplied the app.
We needed to add new value in annotation on deployment
resource to delete pods when chart is disabled and then reapplied

Test Plan:
PASS: Apply platform-integ-apps, disable rbd-provisioner chart,
then reapply App and Check if chart related pods, FluxCD helmrelease
and helm release are all removed.
PASS: Apply platform-integ-apps, disable cephfs-provisioner chart,
then reapply App and Check if chart related pods, FluxCD helmrelease
and helm release are all removed.

Closes-Bug: #2029496

Change-Id: Ie4353cab3cf93abf362dc1e55265d4eb6a9d017e
Signed-off-by: Gustavo Ornaghi Antunes <>
2023-08-09 12:24:31 +00:00
Gabriel de Araújo Cabral a832208a85 Update ceph-csi helm charts to v3.9.0
Update RBD/CephFS provisioners to v3.9.0 based on

We use the latest versions of ceph-csi, csi-provisioner,
csi-attacher, csi-snapshotter, csi-node-driver-registrar,


Test Plan:
PASS: SX/DX/Storage app upload/apply/remove/delete/update
PASS: Create pvc using storageclass general (rbd) on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create pod using RBD pvc on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Resize RBD pvc on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create RBD volume snapshot on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create pvc using storageclass cephfs on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create pod using cephfs pvc on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Resize cephfs pvc on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create cephfs volume snapshot on SX/DX/Storage

* Tests were performed with K8s 1.24, 1.25 and 1.26

Story: 2010688
Task: 48477

Change-Id: I44d9a58c866ee901a343c6bf46eb3682a723953b
Signed-off-by: Gabriel de Araújo Cabral <>
2023-07-27 14:55:44 +00:00
Marcos Paulo Oliveira Silva e6904c6f37 Remove Node Feature Discovery helm charts from platform packaging
Test Plan:

PASSED: The platform-integ-apps debian package was built succesfully

Story: 2010769
Task: 48235


Change-Id: I14b739127ac1da9c794a7eb253a52690cf3da93f
Signed-off-by: Marcos Paulo Oliveira Silva <>
2023-06-14 16:04:56 -03:00
Erickson Silva de Oliveira 55f5e443fa Update ceph-csi helm charts to v3.8.0
Update RBD/CephFS provisioners to v3.8.0 based on

NOTE: We use the latest versions (released until April 11, 2023)
of csi-provisioner, csi-attacher, csi-snapshotter,
csi-node-driver-register, csi-resizer, which has fewer security flaws:

Test Plan:
PASS: SX/DX/Storage app upload/apply/remove/delete/update
PASS: Create pvc using storageclass general (rbd) on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create pod using RBD pvc on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Resize RBD pvc on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create RBD volume snapshot on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create pvc using storageclass cephfs on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create pod using cephfs pvc on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Resize cephfs pvc on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create cephfs volume snapshot on SX/DX/Storage


Story: 2010688
Task: 47807

Signed-off-by: Erickson Silva de Oliveira <>
Change-Id: I259667de2e2149f9af2218893fadc834bff6b3a1
2023-05-30 11:08:06 +00:00
Davlet Panech d4f0cb3286 Fix github mirroring for this repo
Updating the rsa ssh host key based on:

Note: In the future, StarlingX should have a zuul job and
secret setup for all repos so we do not need to do this
for every repo.

Needed to rename the secret, because zuul fails if like-named
secrets have diffent values in different branches of the same

Partial-Bug: #2015246
Change-Id: I1ebaccd444d78478d99450bf5a06a92ebae768f8
Signed-off-by: Davlet Panech <>
2023-04-28 12:38:52 -04:00
Erickson Silva de Oliveira af181a31fd Improves cephfs and rbd storage-init scripts
According to Jim's comments in [1], the ceph-fs and rbd init_storage
scripts needed improvement. In this way, the return codes of some
commands were checked, indentation problems were corrected,
in addition to making the log more readable.

Test Plan:
PASS: Update platform-integ-apps
PASS: Check logs with
"kubectl logs -n kube-system rbd-storage-init-XXXXX"
PASS: Check logs with
"kubectl logs -n kube-system cephfs-storage-init-XXXXX"

Story: 2010688
Task: 47806


Signed-off-by: Erickson Silva de Oliveira <>
Change-Id: I4191af4e5af541443744a20e43ace8d4e9e7b847
2023-04-24 15:18:59 +00:00
Felipe Sanches Zanoni ef33b99009 Adjust platform docker images to get from registry.local
The platform-integ-apps docker images were pointing to the
public registry. This was caused because the path for each
image was defined in values.yml file for cephfs and rbd provisioners,
but not defined in the static overrides files.

This change adds the image paths to the static overrides files, so
Conductor can change the prefix to registry.local:9001 in the

  PASS: Fresh install AIO-SX and apply platform-integ-apps
        application. Verify if the deployments have all images
        pointing to registry.local:9001 registry.

Closes-bug: 2015788

Change-Id: Icb04d4fb9c9073eeb8de4bd9507a8460f0fbda14
Signed-off-by: Felipe Sanches Zanoni <>
2023-04-10 14:58:49 -03:00
Zuul 33d690327f Merge "Update Debian package versions to use git commits" 2023-03-21 16:29:49 +00:00
Hediberto Cavalcante da Silva 6033f687b1 Updating helmrelease and appversion for ceph-csi
This change is part of solution to add userID and userKey
to rbd/cephfs secrets. Updating helmrelease and appvesion for
stx-rbd-provisioner and stx-cephfs-provisioner allows changes made
to patches related to rbd-storage-init and cephfs-storage-init jobs
can be applied via application-update avoiding an extra manual step.

This is needed to trigger a new revision on stx-rbd-provisioner and
stx-cephfs-provisioner during helm upgrade.

Test Plan:
PASS: build platform-helm, python3-k8sapp-platform and stx-platform-helm
      packages successfully.
PASS: secrets updated after apply using application-update.
PASS: new revision was released.

Partial-bug: 2003907


Signed-off-by: Hediberto Cavalcante da Silva <>
Change-Id: Ie4427bdc801c07c170e87dddb35018c9edc64efa
2023-03-16 10:01:23 -04:00
Zuul 47fdcc3e7d Merge "Update CronJob to use k8s 1.25 supported API version" 2023-03-15 21:44:42 +00:00
Sachin Gopala Krishna 0ed0d9b003 Update CronJob to use k8s 1.25 supported API version
The batch/v1beta1 API version of CronJob is no longer served as of
Migrate API clients to use the batch/v1 API version instead which is
available since k8s 1.21.

Test Plan:
PASS: Install ISO with k8s 1.24 on AIO-SX
PASS: Install ISO with k8s 1.25 on AIO-SX
PASS: Apply platform-armada-app and verify if ceph-pools-audit is
PASS: Verify that batch/v1 API version is being used

Story: 2010368
Task: 47291

Signed-off-by: Sachin Gopala Krishna <>
Change-Id: I29fb40a46ff8a8e9fb076667499fa795e07970b6
2023-03-15 16:30:48 -04:00
Zuul 326a1ff85a Merge "Updated variable names used in versioning" 2023-03-08 22:02:20 +00:00
Zuul 1000fc7e2c Merge "Enable automatic app update" 2023-03-08 21:19:33 +00:00
Pedro Vinícius Silva da Cruz 3d37e034fc Update Debian package versions to use git commits
The Debian packaging has been changed to reflect all the
git commits under the directory, and not just the commits
to the metadata folder.

This ensures that any new code submissions under those
directories will increment the versions.

Test Plan:
PASS: build-pkgs -p platform-helm

Story: 2010550
Task: 47547

Signed-by: Pedro Vinícius Silva da Cruz

Change-Id: I0925205e0368acd08431c697682da7832544497c
2023-03-08 11:33:31 +00:00
Igor Soares e322e8d6af Enable automatic app update
This allows platform-integ-apps to be automatically updated.
This is helpful when providing patches, removing the need for manual

Test Plan:
PASS: Rebuild platform-integ-apps containing "auto_update: true" then
      manually update. Created another designer tarball with version
      bumped and observed the auto update process be triggered
      automatically and finished successfully.

Story: 2010628
Task: 47576

Signed-off-by: Igor Soares <>
Change-Id: I51143231d07c770113600d01b72052e8c2460882
2023-03-03 14:52:57 -05:00
Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano 738f00d325 Updated variable names used in versioning
Updated a couple variable names to better
represent their contents.

Note this change has no impact on running apps
or build process, it's just for clarity.

pass build-pkgs

Story: 2010542
Task: 47574

Signed-off-by: Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano <>
Change-Id: I5e0c9a350fdb3a30f000cef10d88f386842d82ad
2023-03-02 15:13:38 -03:00
Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano f5cf584d8d Standardize app configs
Fixed versioning and adjusted some build files
to bring them as close to a standard as possible.

- Removed centos files
- Added version tracking via GITREVCOUNT
- Fixed mismatch in plugin name, set to python3-k8sapp-<app>
- Standardized plugin debian files (rules, *.install)
- Plugin wheels saved to /plugin instead of /plugin/<app>

Test Plan:
PASS - Build-pkgs -a
PASS - Build-image
PASS - Install, bootstrap, unlock
PASS - app tarball contains wheel file
PASS - wheel versioning updated properly

Story: 2010542
Task: 47193

Signed-off-by: Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano <>
Change-Id: I601800969134661ff40d6fb6277ffad3ce403eb7
2023-03-01 16:32:28 -03:00
Zuul 4c765c3550 Merge "Cleanup tox and zuul" 2023-03-01 17:42:34 +00:00
Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano aa03f479f2 Cleanup tox and zuul
tox changes:
 - remove python2.7 and python3.6 unit test targets
   from tox.ini since only python 3.9 is supported
 - tox jobs are now setup for python 3.9
 - Added additional suppressions for new pylint codes.

Zuul changes:
 - remove py27 job from zuul
 - set the parent zuul jobs to be the jobs defined under
   openstack-zuul-jobs rather than just zuul-jobs
 - Specify debian-bullseye (python3.9) as the nodeset.
   ubuntu-jammy is python3.10, ubuntu-focal is python3.8
 - override tox constraints file to use the STX constraints
   This means starlingx/root needs to be a required project

- these changes do not affect runtime.

Test Plan:
pass tox
pass build-pkgs

Story: 2010531
Task: 47511

Signed-off-by: Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano <>
Change-Id: I4649c60e669b546ff8b31df832e6e16b348f2fee
2023-02-28 12:33:53 -03:00
Zuul 89b05333c5 Merge "Add userID and userKey to rbd/cephfs secrets" 2023-02-28 09:25:54 +00:00
Hediberto Cavalcante da Silva cad2f45bec Add userID and userKey to rbd/cephfs secrets
To create a new RBD volume snapshot the userID and userKey fields
are required in the RBD secret. These fields are required by
csi-snapshotter container in the rbd-provisioner pod.

Official examples show that the RBD secrets need userID and userKey
fields, while cephfs needs adminID and adminKey required
for dynamically provisioned volumes and userID and userKey required
for statically provisioned volumes. That's why these fields were also
added in cephfs secret.

Test Plan:
PASS: Create RBD volume snapshot and check if it's ready to use.
PASS: Restore RBD volume snapshot.
PASS: Create Cephfs volume snapshot and check if it's ready to use.
PASS: Restore Cephfs volume snapshot.

Closes-bug: 2003907

Signed-off-by: Hediberto Cavalcante da Silva <>
Change-Id: If526d8412f71da936a66ab783c5919bba0c6611d
2023-02-22 13:22:17 -05:00
Igor Soares 770e5f01d7 Add kube-upgrade-complete trigger
Add kube-upgrade-complete trigger for reevaluating app reaplies

The kube-upgrade-complete trigger was introduced to resume the
app reapply evaluation process after a Kubernetes upgrade is completed.

Test Plan:
PASS: Full image build
PASS: AIO-SX deployment

Closes-Bug: 2003260

Signed-off-by: Igor Soares <>
Change-Id: I85973b076aa1d05ca60cc58d0d26dd93c84d7092
2023-01-26 07:46:20 -05:00
Dan Voiculeasa e29fbbadbd Keep user overrides during app update
It was observed when updating the app part of platform upgrade that
it loses user overrides. I suspect a day 0 slip. All the other apps
already have a flag enabled to keep the user overrides during
app updates.

Enable 'maintain_user_overrides' flag, if present on N+1 version then it
will keep the N version user overrides.

If there are any kind of user overrides that need transformation
between N->N+1 update, these must be handled in the upgrade scripts,
helm charts or in the lifecycle hooks(maybe create new lifecycle
hook for this purpose).

PASS: tested stx.5.0 to stx.6.0 upgrade, with patched
      platform-integ-apps, user overrides are kept

Closes-Bug: 2002301
Signed-off-by: Dan Voiculeasa <>
Change-Id: I8d9563519129372e35d328942813256f1a3c1e38
2023-01-10 14:25:54 +00:00
Al Bailey 1e58027156 Update tox.ini to work with tox 4
This change will allow this repo to pass zuul now
that this has merged:

Tox 4 deprecated whitelist_externals.
Replace whitelist_externals with allowlist_externals

Zuul is pinned to use tox < 4 in order for the py39
unit tests to pass. Additional changes for skipsdist
may be required in order to work properly with tox 4.

Partial-Bug: #2000399

Signed-off-by: Al Bailey <>
Change-Id: Iab988c50b18d683a0d0967cbcc31bbad621005f8
2022-12-30 14:11:59 +00:00
Felipe Sanches Zanoni 8a9f6b3ddf Ceph-csi: Add capability to create multiple storageclasses
Ceph-csi, part of platform-integ-apps application, was not able
to create multiple StorageClasses like the older provisioner.

Code has been changed to accept multiple StorageClasses from
helm-override command.

Test Plan:
  PASS: On AIO-SX, create rbd pvc, create pod
        and verify pod is running with no errors
  PASS: On AIO-SX, create cephfs pvc, create pod
        and verify pod is running with no errors
  PASS: On AIO-SX, upgrade platform activation complete
  PASS: On Storage setup, create new storage tier,
        add new storage backend, add disk to storage-0 for this new
        backend. Unlock storage-0 and verify StorageClass is created
        for the new storage backend.
  PASS: Add helm override with multiple StorageClasses,
        reapply platform-integ-apps and verify creation of
        all StorageClasses. Add new pvc and pod to use the
        new StorageClasses and verify pod is running with no errors.

Closes-bug: 1999169

Signed-off-by: Felipe Sanches Zanoni <>
Change-Id: I521450cf92fa914aec4c1b7fabd7840a3d984954
Signed-off-by: Hediberto Cavalcante da Silva <>
2022-12-15 14:05:22 -05:00
Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano 2080d05721 appfwk: set flux reconciliation interval to 1m
Set reconciliation interval for all flux helm resources to 1m
to allow it to manage resources by itself in a reasonable time

Test Plan (tested as part of [1]):
PASS: bootstrap
PASS: unlocked enabled available
PASS: apps applied
PASS: inspect flux pod logs for errors
PASS: re-test known trigger for 1996747 and 1995748
PASS: re-test known trigger 1997368


Partial-Bug: 1999032

Signed-off-by: Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano <>
Change-Id: I4b7b663107a96427b87162fbf1c68b26e4e8fc01
2022-12-07 19:31:05 +00:00
Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano f1524ae5d9 Remove unnecessary version restriction
One of the build configurations is listing '1.0' as the specific
version to use for one of its files, but this restriction is
unnecessary and causes the build to fail when the app version
is not 1.0.

Test Plan:
PASS build app using a version different than '1.0'
     (modify meta_data.yaml and changelog)

Closes-Bug: 1998637

Signed-off-by: Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano <>
Change-Id: I9e77b570262658dbed4570fa378a4ceeb4634aa4
2022-12-02 18:12:08 +00:00
Yue Tao f98ebdeb83 platform-armada-app: update
Move the packages of "platform-armada-app" from stx-std.lst

A subsequent commit will be sent to clean up stx-std.lst.

Test Plan:

Pass: build-pkgs -c -a
Pass: build-image
Pass: boot

Story: 2008862
Task: 46923

Signed-off-by: Yue Tao <>
Change-Id: I95c74db378073714ffbc26638d44c571128fa9d2
2022-11-23 11:11:19 +08:00
Hediberto Cavalcante da Silva 69c37e9978 Migration to ceph-csi for RBD/CephFS provisioners
Remove old RBD/CephFS provisioners and replace with a currently
supported and evolving set of provisioners based on version 3.6.2.

Test Plan:
PASS: AIO-SX app upload/apply/remove/delete/update
PASS: AIO-DX app upload/apply/remove/delete
PASS: Storage 2+2+2 app upload/apply/remove/delete
PASS: Create pvc using storageclass general (rbd) on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create pod using rbd pvc on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create pvc using storageclass cephfs on SX/DX/Storage
PASS: Create pod using cephfs pvc on SX/DX/Storage

Story: 2009987
Task: 45050

Signed-off-by: Hediberto Cavalcante da Silva <>
Change-Id: Iffcd56f689aa70788c4c2abbbf2c9a02b5a797cf
2022-11-09 20:23:32 -05:00
Al Bailey baccc223f0 Fix zuul failures during setup
The ubuntu-jammy nodeset gets selected by default
and is causing problems during setup.

Collecting cffi>=1.1
Failed to build cffi

ubuntu-focal seem to work fine.
Will specify the nodeset to be focal to resolve this.

Need to update a file under python-k8sapp-platform in
order to trigger the failing zuul jobs.

Partial-Bug: 1994843

Signed-off-by: Al Bailey <>
Change-Id: I18235473c04fbcf97dd5df676f054f34cd18b8b8
2022-10-28 14:02:38 +00:00
Enzo Candotti 48859ba190 Add pre-upgrade helm hooks to StorageClass
After the introduction of FluxCD, there have been issues on
platform-integ-apps auto re-apply on SX to DX migration.

This change adds the following helm hooks that were missing from
- "": "pre-upgrade, pre-install"
- "": "before-hook-creation"

Test Plan:

PASS: CentOS - Create platform-integ-apps tgz with these changes and
test the migration.
PASS: Debian - Create platform-integ-apps tgz with these changes and
test the migration.

Closes-bug: 1970443

Signed-off-by: Enzo Candotti <>
Change-Id: I3aa2e8f6cbb7504f9a4bf368d90f130dd5131106
2022-08-31 17:23:08 +00:00
Lucas Cavalcante 4fac26a7f5 Remove platform-integ-app armada application build
As part of Armada deprecation we need to remove all Armada application
builds for all applications that have been migrated to FluxCD.

This patch removes the armada app build from centos and debian.

PASS: Build centos
PASS: Build debian
PASS: rpm package has no armada tarball
PASS: deb package has no armada tarball
PASS: fluxcd tarball is unchanged

Story: 2009138
Task: 46046

Signed-off-by: Lucas Cavalcante <>
Change-Id: Ic1d31c3aba2e6c43c436f679f0a3f4c8479757a5
2022-08-24 11:41:26 -03:00
Thiago Brito a733c009ff FluxCD: Disable HelmReleases instead of charts
This commit makes the platform-app complies with the FluxCD capability
to disable HelmReleases instead of charts.

PASS Install stx-platform-helm rpm, update the app and
     enable/disable the charts via helm-chart-attribute-modify
PASS Verify resources created with app enabled and disabled


Story: 2009138
Task: 45615
Signed-off-by: Thiago Brito <>
Change-Id: I282737ccc6139b36baccb097933fa9885e1b8d52
2022-06-13 13:48:31 -03:00
Thiago Brito 8d59c7c3a3 CentOS: Fix renamed ISO package
On [1] we switched the platform app to use the FluxCD version of the app
by default and keep packaging the armada app as an option to allow
testing, but we missed renaming it on the This
commit fixes it.


Story: 2009138
Task: 45482

Signed-off-by: Thiago Brito <>
Change-Id: Ief9667716269981566ad00396e08d481eb978440
2022-05-30 09:22:26 -03:00
Thiago Brito 25a81a862f CentOS & Debian: Use fluxcd app by default
This commit switches platform-app to use the fluxcd app by default on
Debian and also preserves the armada app on the build for future

PASS Debian: build ISO and install, verify that FluxCD app is installed
PASS CentOS: build ISO and install, verify that FluxCD app is installed

Story: 2009138
Task: 45482

Signed-off-by: Thiago Brito <>
Change-Id: If0f1cd6f3ea64f2af408ec0b43045baeb3db48cb
2022-05-26 17:16:01 -03:00
Zuul 40bc4f5a52 Merge "Add plugin support for PlatformFluxCDKustomizeOperator" 2022-05-24 21:32:59 +00:00
Thiago Brito 56e75cf4e3 Debian: fluxcd platform-integ-apps
Add the fluxcd app for platform-integ-apps to the debian build.

Some code repetition is intentional to ease removing armada in the

PASS Install new .deb and install FluxCD app
PASS Verify created resources by FluxCD
PASS Install armada app
PASS Verify created resources by armada


Story: 2009138
Task: 45119

Signed-off-by: Thiago Brito <>
Change-Id: I49b6477ce5eb72ece4a46a218988bde0f47e5717
2022-05-23 17:14:53 +00:00
Robert Church 928c047bb8 Add plugin support for PlatformFluxCDKustomizeOperator
Add an example of how to integrate a FluxCDKustomizeOperator plugin that
supports enabling/disabling helm charts dynamically based on the
platform configuration.

This is the FluxCD equivalent of the PlatformArmadaManifestOperator.

Change-Id: I4f35c0ab74e9b2b9599b50aef63a899829b6355e
Story: 2009138
Task: 45413
Signed-off-by: Robert Church <>
2022-05-19 03:37:08 -04:00
Lucas Cavalcante 5b0784c7c2 Add FluxCD version of platform-integ-app
Add new manifest files for the FluxCD version of platform-integ-apps

This creates two tarballs, one for aramada and one for FluxCD

* job-ceph-pools-audit.yaml change to support helmv3

Differences from armada-app:
 * Helm-toolkit release is disabled as it is included in other charts

Test (AIO-SX):

PASS: Application is applied

Story: 2009138
Task: 45118
Signed-off-by: Lucas Cavalcante <>
Change-Id: I417d6b7cf6a12968f36a1045dc98c2c26579a9b8
2022-05-10 09:56:42 +00:00
Delfino Curado d6619931eb Change ceph-helper-config to a version compatible with Nautilus
instead of With this,
we align the ceph client version with the cluster and also go back to
the upstream versions.

Test plan:
Build armada app
Clean all pools and apply platform-integ-apps
After applying, verify that there are 3 new pools created
Check if kube-cephfs is configured
Inspect pods yaml to check images used
Check if ceph-pools-audit job is running successfully

Story: 2009867
Task: 44555

Signed-off-by: Delfino Curado <>
Change-Id: If73ab5666d1c6694f718f498e72ad84c522d1ab6
2022-03-14 12:13:18 -04:00
Yue Tao cbb99beccb stx-platform-helm: remove dl_hook
Replace dl_hook with "src_path" and "src_files"

Test Plan:

Pass: successfully build stx-platform-helm
Pass: No difference comparing with the result of dl_hook

Story: 2009101
Task: 43792

Signed-off-by: Yue Tao <>
Change-Id: I624cfb5ab184a8aadf0bbcfb17ed0fb69da09e2e
2022-01-19 16:50:49 +08:00
Tracey Bogue c499d4a8b3 Add Debian packaging for platform-armada app
Create Debian packages for python-k8sapp-platform and
stx-platform-helm packages.

Story: 2009101
Task: 43792

Signed-off-by: Tracey Bogue <>
Change-Id: Ide6966a733599a5654081e1525f961f35a7922d4
2021-12-03 12:59:04 -06:00
Zuul 8b45688726 Merge "Upversion helm-toolkit to 0.2.19" 2021-10-13 19:25:34 +00:00
Zuul 4da602da04 Merge "Add NoSchedule tolerations for application charts" 2021-10-12 20:56:58 +00:00
Zuul b07e1ac7ee Merge "Add debian_build_layer.cfg file" 2021-10-07 15:42:21 +00:00
Robert Church e20c067e50 Add NoSchedule tolerations for application charts
Add a toleration for the
taint. This taint will be restored to all standard (non-AIO) master
nodes to prevent user pods from being scheduled and run. These workloads
will be scheduled and run on a worker node.

This change will ensure that the rbd/cephfs provisioner and ceph audit
pods will continue run on the master nodes (as designed).

The following tests were executed:
- Using an the existing app, remove the application, add the taint and confirmed that
  upon application-apply that the application will not apply as the pods
  will be in a Pending state.
- With the existing application applied, add the taint and execute an
  application-update to a new application with these changes. Confirmed
  that the application updates successfully. Confirmed that toleration
  is present when describing the pod(s).

Change-Id: I0a6368c717d336ac6c024bda596c283d2943285b
Story: 2009232
Task: 43346
Signed-off-by: Robert Church <>
2021-10-06 01:49:40 -04:00
Scott Little b306e31494 Add debian_build_layer.cfg file
Story: 2008862

Task: 43154
Signed-off-by: Scott Little <>
Change-Id: I9f58e99060ea5c99cbe43abd8fef4973f28830d2
2021-10-05 14:10:40 -04:00
Bernardo Decco 58cb03c5cd Removing py36 gates from zuul for platform-armada-app
Removing redundant py36 Zuul jobs since we now have py39 Zuul jobs in
place with the debian nodeset

Story: 2006796
Task: 43493
Signed-off-by: Bernardo Decco <>
Change-Id: I7cf62d671c48d45f6ddff3ecad7fa013744001a5
2021-09-30 10:29:52 -03:00
Thiago Brito 54deada8e3 Upversion helm-toolkit to 0.2.19
We are updating openstack-helm-infra for stx-openstack
and all dependencies need to be updated accordingly.

Story: 2009161
Task: 43151
Signed-off-by: Thiago Brito <>
Change-Id: I769b743f46ae472f1e47df9681b4badf89a2567b
2021-09-29 17:18:43 -04:00
Charles Short 660266cff0 Fix unit tests
Due to a recent change in fm-api's directory structure, unit tests would
fail since the virtualenv would not be able to find fm-api/
Adjust the tox.ini to point to the correct directory. Tested locally
by running tox.ini.


Story: 2009101
Task: 43091

Signed-off-by: Charles Short <>
Change-Id: I0960205bedb04afcc2411bb1abe892af946a7a39
2021-09-28 14:22:36 -04:00