49 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Pedro Henrique Linhares 66fa48f04d Update helm charts config maps after sx-dx migration with new CEPH monitors 1 month ago
  Daniel Safta 1021d50142 Removed extra serviceAccount from cephfs-provisioner 2 months ago
  Robert Church 45fd0a6b2c Build: Isolate platform plugins to an app specific directory 2 months ago
  Daniel Safta 88570d9f05 Fixed cephfs-provisioner chart update 2 months ago
  Daniel Safta f48ac19d64 Fixed the restartPolicy and serviceAccount rules 2 months ago
  Dan Voiculeasa d30187c950 Introduce metadata for app behavior control 3 months ago
  Daniel Safta d155fb78ca Ceph-pools-audit job misses start time 4 months ago
  Robert Church 3236e99aff Insert dependency between python-k8sapp and stx-app-helm 4 months ago
  Daniel Safta 3f7acd5c32 Fixed the default storageclass and replicas number 4 months ago
  Daniel Safta e2f6893ed0 Fixed missing key in cephfs-provisioner chart 5 months ago
  Daniel Safta 3466dd67da CephFS provisioner for k8sapp_platform 7 months ago
  Jim Gauld a9afaabf55 Add support for Helm v3 1 year ago
  Robert Church a424ad3d64 Enable helm/armada plugin delivery with the application 2 years ago
  Elena Taivan c608f2aaa9 Discrepancy between persistent volume usage and ceph storage 1 year ago
  Al Bailey 068f55754e Upversion kubernetes config files to be 1.16 compatible 2 years ago
  Scott Little b2b0b0d7e8 Repair build process for package stx-platform-helm. 2 years ago
  Al Bailey 14bf73b5fa Update kubernetes config for 1.15 features. 2 years ago
  Ovidiu Poncea 6568ca5f38 Enable ceph-audit to run even if stx-openstack is not running 2 years ago
  Matt Peters e9c39c5671 ipv6 cluster networking support 2 years ago
  Robert Church 197401ad51 Update rbd-provisioner replicas based on installed controllers 2 years ago
  Robert Church b78011a59e Fix ceph-pools-audit chart for Ceph Mimic 2 years ago
  Robert Church 138f24f207 Make rbd-provisioner installation more deterministic 2 years ago
  Robert Church 62e2ae4c03 Enable rbd-provisioner namespace overrides 2 years ago
  Robert Church 7402be5c40 Enable default StorageClass support in the rbd-provisioner 2 years ago
  Robert Church 54e64acc05 Remove the Ceph related charts from the stx-openstack application 2 years ago
  Robert Church a2c50e3130 Enable 'platform-integ-apps' application support 2 years ago
  Chris Friesen 0f9a1855ed Add helm chart for node feature discovery 2 years ago
  Robert Church 2f53b1d7fc Add stx-platform-helm RPM 2 years ago
  Daniel Badea fd128876ba Ceph uprev v13.2.2 Mimic 2 years ago
  Angie Wang 651b56677c Move the image specification to the armada manifest 2 years ago
  Angie Wang ad69996618 Fix the dependencies in the ceph-pools-audit chart 2 years ago
  Angie Wang c0b5509b5d Create a service account for ceph-pools-audit cron job 2 years ago
  David Sullivan c968e1222e Add replica and anti-affinity to rbd-provisioner 2 years ago
  Irina Mihai 56798eba27 Nova - Add ephemeral pool creation 2 years ago
  Angie Wang 4a05fdb601 Support stx-openstack app install with the authed local registry 2 years ago
  Irina Mihai 8b3b2a64ce Add Ceph pools management chart 2 years ago
  Irina Mihai 6bf075c66a Enhancements for the rbd-provisioner helm chart 2 years ago
  Tyler Smith 41073fff02 Cleaning up after application removal 2 years ago
  Irina Mihai 92141980f2 Decouple Ceph pools creation from sysinv 2 years ago
  Robert Church 330cd49c5c Rebase openstack-helm and openstack-helm-infra 3 years ago
  Ovidiu Poncea 825be63076 Add rbd-provisioner to common StarlingX charts 3 years ago