11 Commits (3236e99affb558b0b25ea50ecdbea2072d61b7f9)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Robert Church 3236e99aff Insert dependency between python-k8sapp and stx-app-helm 5 months ago
  Robert Church a424ad3d64 Enable helm/armada plugin delivery with the application 2 years ago
  Al Bailey 068f55754e Upversion kubernetes config files to be 1.16 compatible 2 years ago
  Scott Little b2b0b0d7e8 Repair build process for package stx-platform-helm. 2 years ago
  Ovidiu Poncea 6568ca5f38 Enable ceph-audit to run even if stx-openstack is not running 2 years ago
  Robert Church 197401ad51 Update rbd-provisioner replicas based on installed controllers 2 years ago
  Robert Church 7402be5c40 Enable default StorageClass support in the rbd-provisioner 2 years ago
  Robert Church 54e64acc05 Remove the Ceph related charts from the stx-openstack application 2 years ago
  Robert Church a2c50e3130 Enable 'platform-integ-apps' application support 2 years ago
  Chris Friesen 0f9a1855ed Add helm chart for node feature discovery 2 years ago
  Robert Church 2f53b1d7fc Add stx-platform-helm RPM 2 years ago