StarlingX Specifications
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Davlet Panech 960766e114 stx-7.0: initial spec for Debian builds on K8s 8 months ago
containerization-2008972-containerization-components-refresh.rst stx-6.0: Initial spec for containerization components refresh 1 year ago
os_2008921_kernel_v510.rst stx-6.0: Initial spec for kernel uprev 1 year ago
security-2008675-kubernetes-rootca-update.rst Update spec of kubernetes root CA certificate update 1 year ago
security-2008833-separate-ca-for-k8s-and-etcd.rst Initial spec for separate CA for k8s and etcd 1 year ago
security-2008849-auditd-support.rst Auditd support for StarlingX 1 year ago
security-2008946-alarm-expiring-certs.rst Spec for alarming expiring certificates 1 year ago
starlingx_2008704_debian_transition.rst Debian Transition Specification 2 years ago
starlingx_2008846_debian_build.rst stx-6.0: Initial spec for Debian Build 1 year ago
starlingx_2008862_stx_tool.rst stx-6.0: Initial spec for new stx tool 1 year ago
starlingx_2009812_debian_build_k8s.rst stx-7.0: initial spec for Debian builds on K8s 8 months ago
storage_2009074_upgrade-ceph-from-mimic-to-nautilus.rst stx-6.0: Initial spec for ceph upgrade 1 year ago