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Scott Little cf200be48d cengn reference removal no longer exists. CENGN is kindly forwarding
requests to the new location for now, but
that will only last a few months. We need to replace all the references
with the new URL.

I will also remove as many 'cengn' references as possible, replacing
them with 'stx_mirror'

Partial-Bug: 2033555
Signed-off-by: Scott Little <>
Change-Id: If6a3c0d4e9e540f941f5e5e395c35975107216d7
2023-09-14 10:52:04 -04:00
Zuul ae0891cb2d Merge "Modified the env using pytest==3.6.1 and pyyaml==5.4.1" 2022-01-14 14:00:02 +00:00
Zuul ccd8b45d4d Merge "Revert "Update unlock on compute nodes"" 2022-01-14 13:59:48 +00:00
Alexandru f1a79060a4 Revert "Update unlock on compute nodes"
This reverts commit b5b362c759.

This commit is reverted because of LP:
Change-Id: Ie1358776036fc6db7f22a588df8b935550e7e878
2022-01-07 09:28:22 +00:00
Alexandru 307e745974 Modified the env using pytest==3.6.1 and pyyaml==5.4.1
Description: This changes is needed in order to fix a test failure
Error msg: TypeError: load() missing 1 required positional argument: 'Loader'

Story: N/A
Task: N/A

Signed-off-by: Alexandru <>
Change-Id: I4b2537bbb1969bac25ac36c4fa7d1e8b889b992e
2022-01-06 16:01:31 +00:00
Zuul 18985f621c Merge "relocate /www to /var/www" 2021-12-15 21:59:35 +00:00
Felipe Desiglo Ferrare 1516b57d62 Fix pylint warnings hapening in the build process to make Zuul builds clean
Warnings Fixed:
W1514: Using open without explicitly specifying an encoding (unspecified-encoding)
E0702: Raising str while only classes or instances are allowed (raising-bad-type)

Story: 2005892
Task: 43821

Change-Id: I2083fa4f8d994480c79ff557c56cf2f29c56c19f
Signed-off-by: Felipe Desiglo Ferrare <>
2021-10-29 18:34:41 +00:00
Bin Qian 8cda3639e8 relocate /www to /var/www
Relocate writable /www to /var/www

Story: 2009101
Task: 43543
Change-Id: Icf0c69acba0693d817de3a538b74740619efa3d0
Signed-off-by: Bin Qian <>
2021-10-06 11:03:19 -04:00
Alexandru Dimofte 32e8a73529 Commited current changes added in Jenkins using sed command in automated robot files
Description: Currently the Jenkins groovy scripts are modifying the robot files
using sed commands in order to work preperly. That changes are now added in
robot files and will removed from Jenkins pipeline scripts.
All this delays, sleeps and other commands are needed.
Modified the test-requirements.txt file changing some versions for some components,
this will fix some issues.

Story: 2007623
Task: 39657

Change-Id: Id9c5cb56e30f764302521747d3abdb5637d633c1
Signed-off-by: Alexandru Dimofte <>
2020-05-15 07:23:35 +00:00
Lemus Contreras, Cristopher J c0c2a40db2 Fix test cases related to lock/unlock of compute and storage nodes
This commit will prevent errors when trying to do the lock/unlock
on compute and storage nodes.

Right now, operation fails for compute-0 and oftenly on storage-0
because ceph monitor is not on sync.

This commit will change the Test Cases to be executed only for
compute-1 and storage-1. It'll also avoid increasing the execution

Change-Id: If5c72b1cfd6bec2f74bfeae7dfcfd91324ef16a6
Signed-off-by: George Postolache <>
2020-04-03 14:22:29 +03:00
Lemus Contreras, Cristopher J b5b362c759 Update unlock on compute nodes
During the last week of february, there was a change on the apply
behavior for application platform-integ-apps.

After unlocking controller-1, it starts to do the apply of this

For our standar configuration (2+2), this means that, when it tries
to do the unlock of the first compute node, the command fails because
the app was in the middle of the apply action.

This change adds a check, before doing a unlock of a compute node,
the suite will check and confirm that the application
platform-integ-apps is on applied status for 30 minutes. Until then,
it will try to execute the unlock command.

Change-Id: I7b346919e6ed6fb47e13c30a812bc262656aa4f5
Signed-off-by: George Postolache <>
2020-04-03 14:22:14 +03:00
Lemus Contreras, Cristopher J 70c3583f76 Add Ceph Storage backend
This change adds a keyword and configures Ceph to be used as
storage backend during the Provision stage.

Change-Id: I4d5d06c2bdece1f681bf255092be5a47c66057cb
Story: 2007064
review: 707385
Signed-off-by: George Postolache <>
2020-04-03 14:21:42 +03:00
Lemus Contreras, Cristopher J 56787cde18 Update multinode_dedicated_storage.yaml
Change-Id: Iba96ee20c23d77f83643954f2b1320772c9d07aa
Signed-off-by: George Postolache <>
2020-04-03 14:21:30 +03:00
Lemus Contreras, Cristopher J f9bb492368 Adjusting Host Readiness
This change will use the default 5 minutes for Check Host Readiness
on computes and storages.

Change-Id: I91cc0c98da3eb2da258ce76cfbe37a1a9252ecce
Signed-off-by: George Postolache <>
2020-04-03 14:21:16 +03:00
Cristopher Lemus 888f636257 Fix simplex install on baremetal
This commit adds the copy of repositories and packages from original
ISO into the controller-0.

Previously, this was copied just on duplex and standard configs
because they were required to do the install of secondary nodes.

Now it is required on simplex systems to do a patching procedure.

Change-Id: I469291493ad19198e67cfecb03e84e9d50e81e47
Signed-off-by: George Postolache <>
2020-04-03 14:20:54 +03:00
Cristopher Lemus 3ac210a078 Change cirros image
This is a simple change that will switch the cirros image used for sanity
from a .qcow2 file extension to .img.

The version is still the latest available one.

Change-Id: I93b988aaaa84a0ec9a6ed917dd41e0a952795cae
Signed-off-by: George Postolache <>
2020-04-03 14:19:36 +03:00
Perez Carranza, Jose 25b287f923 Enable DHCP on external network subnet
Take out option of --no-dhcp of external network subnet to allow DHCP by
default on extenral network and hence be able to ping/ssh to the
instances created.

Change-Id: Ia855b1a5cf750549c24848019547f4d17b4e2ee5
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <>
Signed-off-by: George Postolache <>
2020-04-03 13:49:27 +03:00
Saul Wold 49b0d1390e Add test for DISPLAY environment variable
Check for the DISPLAY variable before blinding setting it to :0,
    this ensures that if you are working remotely that the correct
    display is used.

Closes-Bug: 1860593
Change-Id: I9fcbfa8ff52732dcd3ee6d86edf7581a49236703
Signed-off-by: Saul Wold <>
2020-01-22 11:02:13 -08:00
Erich Cordoba a8acbf01c5 Remove ifparser module dependency.
The ifparser module doesn't work for python 3.6 and higher. As this
module is only used to retrieve the network interfaces and their status
it is possible to refactor the code to support this feature and remove
the dependency.

Also, some decode('utf-8') calls were added in the watcher module.

Change-Id: I7943d672e9282fbc56fc8d9a1a4b589d1aab5a68
Signed-off-by: Erich Cordoba <>
2019-11-05 11:14:33 -06:00
Lemus Contreras, Cristopher J 7327cf5fc7 Update bootstrap playbook path
This change updates the variable used to define the location of
ansible bootstrap playbook used during the Setup stage.

Path was updated as follows:
From: /usr/share/ansible/stx-ansible/playbooks/bootstrap/bootstrap.yml
To: /usr/share/ansible/stx-ansible/playbooks/bootstrap.yml

Task 36571

Change-Id: I0fbd54b139a88534dafbc683384dc32344b9a46f
2019-10-02 16:04:51 -05:00
Lemus Contreras, Cristopher J 83637f3573 Update Evacuate Test case
This commit will add an extra command required to fully test the
evacuate test cases.

In the past, starlingx automatically enabled nova-compute service after
a couple of minutes, now, it remains disabled by default.

The extra command is basically enabling nova-compute service after
it's confirmed that it was disabled.

Change-Id: I5c42ac0d13ebaeebc59bf00573d20b34d9ad6cbe
2019-10-02 15:38:39 -05:00
Alonso, Juan Carlos ed4b4e6e2d Fix keyword to configure single huge page size for openstack worker node to be run just in Baremetal environment.
Change-Id: If5b7e02b2f09aae3a635d0eee1348e892eb3910b
2019-10-02 14:22:36 -05:00
Lemus Contreras, Cristopher J a446068db7 Fix Setup on BareMetal
Previously, StarlingX provided an option to select between Standard
Security and Extended Security. This was the third option.

This commit will remove this third option from the boot_lines.

Change-Id: I56877a4653ed008cafa69dcf1f71ffda5d091d69
2019-10-02 13:34:43 -05:00
Juan Carlos Alonso 1182d564d6 Add update to configure single huge page size for openstack worker node.
Change-Id: I36838d3db0091502d8f0ec210d690972ad07ec00
2019-10-02 12:20:27 -05:00
Jose Perez Carranza 66734b5877 Enable python3 fort the test suite
Enable the suite to be used with python3 and added  enough documentation
to README that are required for this support.

Note: only version 3.5.2 tested

Change-Id: I327757e51b8c45bb82f425f7753aef761d0b86a6
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <>
2019-09-29 11:51:09 -05:00
Zuul a5f98aaf13 Merge "Fix incorrect argument for" 2019-09-17 14:11:51 +00:00
Erich Cordoba d52cd24b5b Fix incorrect argument for
A caller to setup_logging function had an incorrect argument.
The log_file variable was set to a tuple when actually a string
was required.

This was causing python traceback on each test suite execution.

Change-Id: I858a9a524cee2703a38fef45a770da9fa3565d22
Signed-off-by: Erich Cordoba <>
2019-09-12 07:46:40 -05:00
Erich Cordoba bc47920014 Fix incorrect spacing in robot keyword.
In newer robot versions not having this spacing causes that the
first set of arguments is interpreted as an standalone parameter,
causing failures in SSHLibrary as it tries to look for incorrect
hostnames: "${ip_address} prompt=${prompt}"

Change-Id: Ic05b590bc3880d92777f606eb1f3572525fbcfa0
Signed-off-by: Erich Cordoba <>
2019-09-12 07:43:03 -05:00
Jose Perez Carranza bc0efc1806 Add robot suite directory to be verified by pylint
Add automated-robot-suite to tox.ini file in order to apply pylint
validation to the suite directory.

Change-Id: I34ba7fecb10f115813e731f5344fbadf5bf7996c
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <>
2019-09-02 10:13:37 -05:00
Jose Perez Carranza 8da6f67057 [robot] Add documentation of the robot suite
Add a documentation and license files for the test suite references as
well as some tox setup files in case are needed to apply linters on the

Depends-On : Ia1e4e9ce011e1e527bd1109d1260bdc0b9a410b9
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <>

Change-Id: If81c702688a0cb3daed5c2cbe3181eb3fc6039d8
2019-08-21 16:00:15 +00:00
Jose Perez Carranza 4fd5d5371b [robot] Add test executed by the suite
Enable a series of test cases that are executed by the test suite for
Setup, Provision and Sanity.

Depends-On : I34dfe1c01b27e5e8ce046de3305dd78c7f9d1383
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <>

Change-Id: Ia1e4e9ce011e1e527bd1109d1260bdc0b9a410b9
2019-08-21 15:47:16 +00:00
Jose Perez Carranza 4ee20f9e40 [robot] Add configs and environment setup
Enable different configurations and setup requirements for deployment
environments as well as pip requirements.

- Config : Serie of configuration files to be used on deployment
        as well as exposed to the framework in order to use the values
        on the test cases.
- Qemu : All artifacts needed to deploy the virtual
        machines that simulate the nodes on libvirt/qemu
- Baremetal : Series of configuration files used
        to setup a deployment on a baremetal environment
- requirements.txt, test-requirements.txt : series of packages needed by
            the suite to work on a python virtualenv.

Depends-On: I796dcaf71089424dd37a050691fd0ee003ad3176
Change-Id: I34dfe1c01b27e5e8ce046de3305dd78c7f9d1383
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <>
2019-08-21 14:44:51 +00:00
Jose Perez Carranza 2d3d047a8c [robot] Add libraries and resources used by the suite
Add a series of libraries and resources that are used by the suite setup
and test cases functionality.

-  Libraries - Libraries written in python mostly to serve the
        installation and deployment of StarlingX from robot test cases.
-  Resources – Libraries in robot format that are used as a
         pool of keywords to be used by the entire set of test
-  Utils – Libraries written in python that expose
         functionality to configure the framework at host
         machine level.
-  Variables – Global variables that are
          used to setup the framework as well as
          test cases.

Story: 2004828
Task: 29004

Depends-On: I6ead335412150fb8d64a6abf7909cf702d0d248c
Change-Id: I796dcaf71089424dd37a050691fd0ee003ad3176
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <>
2019-08-20 20:51:35 +00:00
Jose Perez Carranza 3b98a48102 [robot] Initial submission for robot test suite
Initial submission of a patch series with code of the robot test suite
used for Deployment + Provisioning + Sanity Test.

  - runner:  Staring point of the suite exposing all the different
             options available on the suite as well as initializing all
             needed features on the host according to the configuration
  - README: Instructions to setup the suite and basic usage

Change-Id: I6ead335412150fb8d64a6abf7909cf702d0d248c
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <>
2019-08-20 20:17:49 +00:00
Abraham Arce 7ea8dff194 [Doc] Setup and Build
Enable documentation via Sphinx Documentation Project and
Tox Automation Project:

- Setting up
  - [1] sphinx-quickstart
  - [2] layout doc/source/
  - [3] layout top directory
- Building
  - [4] tox -e docs

Story: 2004828
Task: 29733

Change-Id: I8ba09c17ff4abee5e6569f9484ee5853dd29ed1a
Signed-off-by: Abraham Arce <>
2019-02-28 07:12:37 -06:00
Jose Perez Carranza 1745fefc9d automated-robot: Add Introduction to README
Add a brief introduction to README file in order to test the process of
sending patches to the repository.

Change-Id: Ica625785e97a6406fc227ee2a98c6060dfac2fd3
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <>
2019-02-19 08:00:07 -06:00
Cristopher Lemus 94526ecb07 Initial directory structure
This commit is just to create a base directory structure.

There are a couple of dummy remove.txt files, their purpose is to
be a placeholder until an actual testcase is added.

A dummy zuul job is added, on a subsequent commit, real zuul jobs
will be created to manage specific repository needs, such as
creating doc and release notes.

Change-Id: I232981ae3998607fcef7710ea33f8a5e76a8c601
2019-02-06 21:42:31 -06:00