Jose Perez Carranza 4ee20f9e40 [robot] Add configs and environment setup
Enable different configurations and setup requirements for deployment
environments as well as pip requirements.

- Config : Serie of configuration files to be used on deployment
        as well as exposed to the framework in order to use the values
        on the test cases.
- Qemu : All artifacts needed to deploy the virtual
        machines that simulate the nodes on libvirt/qemu
- Baremetal : Series of configuration files used
        to setup a deployment on a baremetal environment
- requirements.txt, test-requirements.txt : series of packages needed by
            the suite to work on a python virtualenv.

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Change-Id: I34dfe1c01b27e5e8ce046de3305dd78c7f9d1383
Signed-off-by: Jose Perez Carranza <jose.perez.carranza@intel.com>
2019-08-21 14:44:51 +00:00
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