StarlingX build tools
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# Load tbuilder configuration
if [[ -r ${HOME}/buildrc ]]; then
source ${HOME}/buildrc
# start the web server
# this was done before I reallized I needed to have systemd
# running in the container. could revert to systemd startup but
# will leave that task for later
if [[ ! `ps augxww | grep lighttpd | grep conf` ]]; then
echo "starting lighttpd up...";
sudo /usr/sbin/lighttpd -f /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
echo "not starting up lighttpd, it's already running"
# make sure the mock directories are there
# and have the right settings
mkdir -p /localdisk/loadbuild/mock
sudo chmod 775 /localdisk/loadbuild/mock
sudo chown root:mock /localdisk/loadbuild/mock
mkdir -p /localdisk/loadbuild/mock-cache
sudo chmod 775 /localdisk/loadbuild/mock-cache
sudo chown root:mock /localdisk/loadbuild/mock-cache
### may need to add these later. once it works will try on clean localdisk setup
# [builder@bavery-WS-DESK root]$ history | grep mkdir
# 55 mkdir -p $MY_WORKSPACE/results
# 66 mkdir -p $MY_WORKSPACE/std/results/$MY_BUILD_ENVIRONMENT-std
# 78 mkdir -p $MY_WORKSPACE/rt/rpmbuild/RPMS
# make the place we will clone into
. /etc/profile.d/
mkdir -p $MY_REPO
mkdir -p $MY_WORKSPACE
cat <<EOF
Using ${SOURCE_REMOTE_URI} for build
To ease checkout do:
eval \$(ssh-agent)
To start a fresh source tree:
repo init -u -m default.xml
To build all packages:
cd \$MY_REPO
build-pkgs or build-pkgs <pkglist>
To make an iso: