191 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Charles Short 49e39fa949 Specify the nodeset zuul jobs 4 weeks ago
  Chris Friesen 6a019e60c3 add dcmanager-audit-worker to sample restart script 4 months ago
  Charles Short 9a08e51d41 Cap bandit to v1.6.2 5 months ago
  Don Penney 764a057601 Fix exclusion paths in cgcs-patch build_srpm.data 6 months ago
  Don Penney adaaba0c21 Add auto-version for remaining stx/update packages 6 months ago
  Don Penney 62a66370ca Add protection against duplicate RPMs 7 months ago
  Zuul 1c8d87d404 Merge "Add an example restart script for distributed cloud" 8 months ago
  Don Penney c2210e7120 Ignore pylint W0707 warnings in cgcs-patch 8 months ago
  albailey 73c948f9e3 Add an example restart script for distributed cloud 8 months ago
  Don Penney 755e8b3109 Fix setup_patch_repo error string 8 months ago
  Bart Wensley f518c20323 Update kubernetes patch creation script 10 months ago
  Don Penney f541c94975 Fix UNREMOVABLE parsing in make_patch_functions.py 10 months ago
  albailey 2302b0fe2e Enable py3-bandit and py3-flake8 zuul jobs 1 year ago
  Zuul 551de77c61 Merge "Protect against stale repo data in DNF cache" 1 year ago
  Zuul b1610f5288 Merge "Use PKG_GITREVCOUNT for package versions" 1 year ago
  Don Penney 4146e2a859 Disable py3-bandit and py3-flake8 zuul jobs 1 year ago
  Don Penney 79dfb60f41 Use PKG_GITREVCOUNT for package versions 1 year ago
  Don Penney d3f8af4f4c Protect against stale repo data in DNF cache 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger 6abcfe6977 Switch to newer openstackdocstheme and reno versions 1 year ago
  Zuul 01b3e3a6ef Merge "De-branding in starlingx/update: TIS -> StarlingX" 1 year ago
  Sharath Kumar K 96a3d4b10d De-branding in starlingx/update: TIS -> StarlingX 1 year ago
  Don Penney b415219679 Update DNF transaction exception handling 1 year ago
  Bart Wensley 6d1cd07e39 Update scripts that build k8s upgrade patches - part 2 1 year ago
  Bart Wensley df3aea5756 Update scripts that build k8s upgrade patches 1 year ago
  Sharath Kumar K 723838109b De-branding in starlingx/update: Titanium Cloud -> StarlingX 1 year ago
  Carmen Rata cf8fc1bfff Update upgrade-start-pkg-extract to use dnf package 1 year ago
  Don Penney 05f4bcc83d Add setup_patch_repo.sh for patch-iso 1 year ago
  Bin Qian e9544b7de1 Adding job to upload commits to GitHub 1 year ago
  albailey e3be9a2776 Update flake8 to verify patch scripts 1 year ago
  Zuul da4662673c Merge "Update landing pages for docs, api-ref, and release notes:" 1 year ago
  Bart Wensley defa24cbaa Create sample scripts for generating k8s upgrade patches 1 year ago
  Kristal Dale 27eb673b1c Update landing pages for docs, api-ref, and release notes: 1 year ago
  Zuul dc441b0b52 Merge "Add flake8-bugbear and address warnings" 1 year ago
  Don Penney 11d1387020 Add flake8-bugbear and address warnings 1 year ago
  Don Penney 77707e285e Cleanup smartpm references 1 year ago
  Don Penney 44cdc55fd8 Migrate patch-agent to use DNF for swmgmt 1 year ago
  Don Penney a1076ba447 Clean up pylint W1201 logging-not-lazy in cgcs-patch 2 years ago
  Don Penney a6912bf7cf Remove use of rpmUtils.miscutils from cgcs-patch 2 years ago
  Al Bailey 5d2da5d041 Fix zuul tox flake8 failures from newer version of hacking 2 years ago
  Don Penney 678e786c5b Address python3 pylint errors and warnings 2 years ago
  Al Bailey 93688ac6e5 Cleaning up pylint settings for cgcs patch 2 years ago
  Al Bailey e45a758a8a Enable tox bandit checks for python in update repo 2 years ago
  Don Penney bfe2fd5693 Improved patching robustness on AIO-SX 2 years ago
  Bart Wensley 546a7c251f Add patch API to determine if patches are available 2 years ago
  Zuul 56f06177ee Merge "Build layering, add layer build config file" 2 years ago
  Al Bailey f0cd0181bc Turn off devstack as a zuul job 2 years ago
  Scott Little 9f6bb15862 Build layering, add layer build config file 2 years ago
  Don Penney 5153ec7f92 Add new patch metadata to block apply in upgrade 2 years ago
  Don Penney 4a763b037f Introduce patch apply/remove semantic support 2 years ago
  Don Penney 67e9223673 Fix cgcs-patch tox failure 2 years ago