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Hugo Brito f70f2c995c debian: Add cgcs-patch wheel to the build 3 weeks ago
Charles Short ebdb11ce1c debian: Remove package preset install for sw-patch 2 months ago
Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano 555deebdb4 Debian: Remove conf files from etc-pmon.d 2 months ago
Leonardo Fagundes Luz Serrano 1c402ba0ea Duplicate pmon.d conf files to another location 3 months ago
Al Bailey abaea457e5 Debian: Minor sw-patch cleanup 5 months ago
Jessica Castelino 80134ff8e6 Debian: In-service patch implementation 5 months ago
Al Bailey f7442c98b9 Debian: sw-patch cleanup and repair of old code 6 months ago
Al Bailey 4daa55b83c Stage the sw-patch bash completion properly on debian 7 months ago
Al Bailey be09ccc584 Fork cgcs-patch package as sw-patch for Debian 8 months ago