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Kristal Dale 626f1094ad Clean up and standardize landing pages
doc index.rst:
1. Update intro sentence to read as a complete sentence
2. Remove unused toctree
3. Correct heading levels (impacting side nav and correct rendering
of content)
4. Remove "Indices and Tables" section: genindex page not used,
search searches only index (not useful here)

releasenotes index.rst:
1. Remove search (make consistent with other openstack release note

Story: 2004737
Task: 29273

Change-Id: Iff659b42ab14ef5726869d9c9aa69b7c58a756fd
Signed-off-by: Kristal Dale <>
4 years ago
Abraham Arce 5a021f1584 [Doc] openstackdocstheme starlingxdocs theme
Enable starlingxdocs theme support for:

- Documentation
- Release Notes
- API Reference

Add zuul check and gate job:

- build-openstack-api-ref

Change-Id: I0d59eaf777bb0f462db4d436c030a785e61798d2
Signed-off-by: Abraham Arce <>
5 years ago
Dean Troyer 286deaf2aa Add api-ref and relnotes publish jobs
* Add pointers in the main doc to api-ref and releasenotes pages
* Add publish-stx-api-ref and publish-stx-releasenotes jobs
* Add search at bottom of api-ref and relnotes pages to trigger the jobs
* Change the default themes to alabaster

Change-Id: Ied2bb5738cb04c539995850810064b03ca937862
Signed-off-by: Dean Troyer <>
5 years ago
Dean Troyer e489326a40 Add publish job for docs
Also set the theme to alabaster until starlingxdocs is ready

Change-Id: I5cc9b7203c5a28057783315da100b3caabf67e19
Signed-off-by: Dean Troyer <>
5 years ago
Abraham Arce 1799425d3d [Doc] Building docs following Docs Contrib Guide
Baseline changes to comply with OpenStack Documentation
Contributor Guide [0] starting with the following sections:

- Project guide setup
  - [1] sphinx-quickstart
  - [2] doc/source/ layout
- Building documentation
  - [3] tox -e docs
- Using documentation tools
  - [4] openstackdocstheme
- Use build-openstack-docs-pti job template for docs


Story: 2002708
Task: 26656

Story: 2002813
Task: 26657

Change-Id: Iffee1ba3ddc670fca9ae6e0d5b325f3831650e2f
Signed-off-by: Abraham Arce <>
5 years ago