Luan Nunes Utimura 67c274141a stx-openstack: Use commit hash in PROJECT_REF
As the `stable/ussuri` branch is potentially being removed from all
OpenStack repositories -- as seen in `openstack/heat` [1] -- we should
consider using a different `PROJECT_REF` for all LOCI-based container
images in stx-openstack to avoid possible build breaks in the future.

This change proposes the use of the following commit SHAs:

  Repository            stable/ussuri's HEAD (as of May 9th)
* openstack/aodh        4366d6eae1aad4e15aeca4bc7e8b5e757c7601e8
* openstack/ironic      859e51c8b4b8344827b5bba1f9a0b737ffbc1ebc
* openstack/barbican    cc076f24e55c24a6fc8e57ca606130090fb6369b
* openstack/ceilometer  bcada72c3aaeeb2a86de3368b1787a9253c9d55b
* openstack/cinder      79b012fbc8b6bc9dcce2c8c52a6fa63976a0309f
* openstack/glance      6f03ccd47772e02f810de8fa3158afddc4a9c158
* openstack/horizon     e6f3952b878d6b04fde9742987e0f37a1cfad3e5
* openstack/keystone    1ab860a08e527ca9e0c82a49fbf004d415fec991
* openstack/neutron     fe2445d99c430bb080ac45a19e4958b1ae7c9857
* openstack/nova        3fe8880d3759cbd7b19d75dcf235dfd5c511be13
* openstack/placement   5a865abc2545544870ad972f70cd54ebd14c19a8

Note: Gnocchi is in [2] and currently points to a specific semver.


Test Plan:
PASS - Build stx-debian base image
PASS - Build wheels tarball
PASS - Build all the stx-openstack images affected by this change

Partial-Bug: 2019015

Change-Id: Ibf589444237664dd9e4ab8314ca1c8ad44f80ec7
Signed-off-by: Luan Nunes Utimura <>
2023-05-10 11:25:00 -03:00
stx-ceilometer.stable_docker_image stx-openstack: Use commit hash in PROJECT_REF 2023-05-10 11:25:00 -03:00