Luan Nunes Utimura 1543c5820c Port stx-openstack images with WSGI to stx-debian
This change enables building the following stx-openstack images with
WSGI within the Debian build framework:

- stx-aodh
- stx-ironic
- stx-horizon
- stx-keystone
- stx-placement
- stx-gnocchi

They are now based on stx-debian and following the new convention for
StarlingX images.

Test Plan:
PASS - Build images
PASS - Manually upload the built images to a system, use helm-override
       to change their respective containers images and reapply
PASS - Ensure affected pods successfully start and are running
PASS - Ensure affected pods liveness and readiness probes are healthy

Story: 2010072
Task: 47089


Signed-off-by: Luan Nunes Utimura <>
Change-Id: I18bcb51f2826fd0382370f5236db4b5954ac1b53
2023-01-25 08:54:55 -03:00
stx-gnocchi.stable_docker_image Port stx-openstack images with WSGI to stx-debian 2023-01-25 08:54:55 -03:00