Luan Nunes Utimura 7243a5140f stx-heat: Use commit hash in PROJECT_REF
It has been observed that the stx-openstack helm charts build started to
fail since the `stable/ussuri` branch was removed from the upstream
project `openstack/heat`.

In order to be able to build the helm charts again, we must change the
`PROJECT_REF` value to use a commit hash in place of the branch name.

This change proposes the use of the following commit SHA:

  Repository            Former stable/ussuri branch and ussuri-eol tag's
                        HEAD (as of May 9th)
* openstack/heat        5466ede853bde7d636943cba017ed8265dcfd260

Test Plan:
PASS - Build stx-debian base image
PASS - Build wheels tarball
PASS - Build stx-heat image

Partial-Bug: 2019015

Change-Id: I785d704c68ca6d987f30a57c5068677eef1e77f2
Signed-off-by: Luan Nunes Utimura <>
2023-05-10 09:30:32 -03:00
stx-heat.stable_docker_image stx-heat: Use commit hash in PROJECT_REF 2023-05-10 09:30:32 -03:00