32 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chen, Haochuan Z 88a678f142 Add packages to stx-ceph-manager image 2 months ago
  Don Penney 467851e8d5 Add auto-version for remaining stx/utilities packages 5 months ago
  Martin, Chen b58d9d20d3 Build image for ceph-manager 7 months ago
  Dan Voiculeasa f666e60281 Change ceph manager port 1 year ago
  Hang Li c17b773754 Fix the error link for utilities 2 years ago
  Stefan Dinescu d838e22ac6 Don't raise missing ceph peer alarm on simplex 2 years ago
  Daniel Badea 2e7d2550b9 python-cephclient: fix urlparse function call 2 years ago
  Daniel Badea 613276c944 python-cephclient: fix python 3 tox 2 years ago
  Dan Voiculeasa e32b790684 ceph-manager: raise alarms when OSD is down even if health OK 2 years ago
  Daniel Badea 9f73cd4f9b python-cephclient: use configured restful api plugin 2 years ago
  Daniel Badea 4026b5a23f python-cephclient: populate items list for all nodes except osd 2 years ago
  Daniel Badea 3f3e61f148 python-cephclient: delete finished requests 2 years ago
  Daniel Badea 2e4832103c ceph-manager: fix tox issues 2 years ago
  Changcheng Liu a1144eceed ceph-manager: update mgr-restful-plugin endpoint 2 years ago
  Daniel Badea ea0a829ab2 python-cephclient: rewrite to use ceph-mgr restful plugin 2 years ago
  Changcheng Liu 55111603e1 ceph: remove unused ceph jewel components 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett abd4587682 Enable Flake8 Docstring Errors 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett dc4fd1e39b Enable Flake8 E12X Errors 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett 4a927e0f8a Enable Flake8 Whitespace Errors 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett b178e49c43 Enable Exception.message Deprecated/Removed Error 2 years ago
  Sun Austin 544251743d Fix: "import" issue for Python 2/3 compatible code 2 years ago
  Sun Austin a8eff2855a Fix: "dict" issue for Python 2/3 compatible code 2 years ago
  Changcheng Liu dc73de090f typo fix: check right dir before starting ceph-manager 2 years ago
  Don Penney b724c818cf Add hooks for python wheel generation 3 years ago
  Jack Ding 91c2ae3539 Correct typo: caph should be ceph 3 years ago
  Robert Church 2376458552 Update upgrade code for removing Ceph Cache Tiering 3 years ago
  Robert Church c5aa54e37a Remove Ceph Cache Tiering 3 years ago
  Ovidiu Poncea 393cda3e8b Fix periodic thread that monitors Ceph 3 years ago
  Scott Little e778c76ea4 Relocate ceph-manager to stx-integ/ceph/ceph-manager 3 years ago
  Scott Little f8b0e31584 Internal restructuring of stx-integ 3 years ago