90 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Enzo Candotti 27fce5a523 Add resource CPU and memory info in collect 3 months ago
  Enzo Candotti a4365bf1b2 Fix clear passwords presented in collected log files 4 months ago
  Jose Infanzon 5c8c843438 Add new logs to the inventory info files 5 months ago
  Jim Gauld 538d47cb81 collect is missing helmv2 output 4 months ago
  Nicolas Alvarez cb00a00c15 Add new log to the device and interface info files. 5 months ago
  pablo bovina 676df72f5b Add parameters for list open files command. 5 months ago
  Pablo Bovina 312c87a86f Revert "Collect tool times out due to long running lsof" 5 months ago
  pablo bovina bdd8c02d84 Collect tool times out due to long running lsof 5 months ago
  Don Penney 467851e8d5 Add auto-version for remaining stx/utilities packages 5 months ago
  Lu Yao Chen dd97a2c3bb Fixing collect tool issue 5 months ago
  pablo bovina e7e0ecfab9 Add new logs to the alarm info file 5 months ago
  pablo bovina b9b8ef2dc9 Add new logs to the crash info file 5 months ago
  Andy Ning 17c62bd5aa Remove secure hieradata files from collect 5 months ago
  Lu Yao Chen 43cd10d392 Masking passwords with collect script 6 months ago
  Eric MacDonald 0f0bcf5844 Exclude /var/log/crash from collect 7 months ago
  Jim Gauld dd902cf386 Add mariadb-cli, kubectl and openstack commands to collect 8 months ago
  Eric MacDonald 7c076a390f Exclude temporary subcloud install iso files from collect 10 months ago
  Jim Gauld a10381203d Add kube-cpusets to collect 11 months ago
  Sharath Kumar K e84e6637d0 De-branding in starlingx/utilities: CGCS,TIS -> StarlingX 1 year ago
  Jessica Castelino 58f6baa560 Rename the existing /opt/patch-vault filesystem to /opt/dc-vault 1 year ago
  Jessica Castelino b82899d144 Collect contents of etcd database 1 year ago
  Jessica Castelino 887b0b69ce Add Distributed Cloud data to collect tool 1 year ago
  Long Li 9ec7cf4447 Update engtools to use python3 1 year ago
  Gerry Kopec 50ea7e3450 Remove dcorch-snmp 1 year ago
  Nathan Chen b7a0f46685 Collect filesystem initial commit 1 year ago
  Lin Shuicheng 19952c7de3 Revert "Revert "Add containerd to collect tool"" 1 year ago
  Don Penney 44509a38bf Revert "Add containerd to collect tool" 1 year ago
  Shuicheng Lin dc451b07c6 Add containerd to collect tool 2 years ago
  Steven Webster fc33582e4f Traffic control fixes and refresh 2 years ago
  Dan Voiculeasa 75f0d4f19b Enhance collect tool with k8s orchestration information 2 years ago
  Dan Voiculeasa e3535e008b Enhance collect tool with k8s networking data 2 years ago
  Dan Voiculeasa 4733477aa2 Fix collect tool detection of active controller 2 years ago
  Eric MacDonald 93c067606a Make platform.conf variables visible to collect.d service scripts 2 years ago
  Kristine Bujold 200773663c Collapse the glance filesystem into platform 2 years ago
  Gerry Kopec f9de7f3c31 Fix collect script to capture VM console logs 2 years ago
  Eric MacDonald ccb603a85e Fix sourcing openrc in collect 2 years ago
  Saul Wold bf46a7ed57 integ: Convert wrsroot -> sysadmin 2 years ago
  Changcheng Liu 550a048fd4 hostdata-collectors: collect mgr-restful-plugin data 2 years ago
  Al Bailey ca74c5401f Updating script references for openrc 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett 86d844ebf2 Enable Flake8 300 Series Errors 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett dc4fd1e39b Enable Flake8 E12X Errors 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett 36dc5a7e72 Enable Flake8 Ambiguous Variable Name Error 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett 4a927e0f8a Enable Flake8 Whitespace Errors 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett b178e49c43 Enable Exception.message Deprecated/Removed Error 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett 729cb2034a Enable Comparison to None should use 'is' Error 2 years ago
  Eric Barrett 82a75476b0 Enable Mixed Spaces and Tabs flake8 Error 2 years ago
  Eric MacDonald 1d977b1491 Remove Resource Monitor ; aka rmon, from the load 2 years ago
  Eric MacDonald 20fee68b1b Change collect to use /etc/platform/openrc 2 years ago
  Tao Liu f56386fedc Integrate Distributed Cloud with containerized services 2 years ago
  Sun Austin d6e12fd97b change 'compute' to 'worker' in collect utils 2 years ago