19 Commits (93c067606a36f47fec6b017db67a4118721de23c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Eric MacDonald 93c067606a Make platform.conf variables visible to collect.d service scripts 2 years ago
Kristine Bujold 200773663c Collapse the glance filesystem into platform 2 years ago
Gerry Kopec f9de7f3c31 Fix collect script to capture VM console logs 2 years ago
Eric MacDonald ccb603a85e Fix sourcing openrc in collect 2 years ago
Saul Wold bf46a7ed57 integ: Convert wrsroot -> sysadmin 2 years ago
Al Bailey ca74c5401f Updating script references for openrc 3 years ago
Eric MacDonald 20fee68b1b Change collect to use /etc/platform/openrc 3 years ago
Sun Austin d6e12fd97b change 'compute' to 'worker' in collect utils 3 years ago
Kwan, Louie 7230998a21 [Enhancement] Add system active alarms in collect logs 3 years ago
Alex Kozyrev 145e8a8ddf Barbican integration into logging/patching mechanisms. 3 years ago
Eric MacDonald 31f4317573 Exclude /etc files that are causing collect extraction errors 3 years ago
Martin Chen 4a2f55eed2 Fix linters error and enable linters zuul gate 3 years ago
Sun Austin cd6ab2c913 Fix linters issue E002 and E003 and linters check (none-voting) 3 years ago
Tao Liu fe4810fd24 Decouple Fault Management from stx-config 3 years ago
Eric MacDonald f1a9dba864 Improve collectd tool to handle additional unrecoverable tar error 4 years ago
Matt Peters 09253fc4c3 Open vSwitch integration with host and configuration framework 3 years ago
Scott Little 63b850bebe Relocate collector to stx-integ/tools/collector 3 years ago