6 Commits (c0cc7593b75dacdec493d46e736ed6c6e994dd50)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Daniel Badea 4026b5a23f python-cephclient: populate items list for all nodes except osd 3 years ago
Daniel Badea 3f3e61f148 python-cephclient: delete finished requests 3 years ago
Daniel Badea ea0a829ab2 python-cephclient: rewrite to use ceph-mgr restful plugin 3 years ago
Changcheng Liu 55111603e1 ceph: remove unused ceph jewel components 3 years ago
Don Penney b724c818cf Add hooks for python wheel generation 3 years ago
Scott Little f8b0e31584 Internal restructuring of stx-integ 4 years ago