Add an option to disable the breadcrumb footer

Change-Id: I4092cd05fca8c808165f27b73e9a5f501bc97405
James E. Blair 7 years ago
parent e7fcc988d3
commit 2efa0606f7

@ -397,6 +397,13 @@ well as one that leaves a +1 "Code-Review" approval.
General Options
Gertty displays a footer at the bottom of the screen by default
which contains navigation information in the form of "breadcrumbs"
-- short descriptions of previous screens, with the right-most entry
indicating the screen that will be displayed if you press the `ESC`
key. To disable this feature, set this value to `false`.
Times are displayed in the local timezone by default. To display
them in UTC instead, set this value to `true`.

@ -159,6 +159,10 @@ commentlinks:
# sort-by: 'number'
# reverse: false
# Uncomment the following line to disable the navigation breadcrumbs
# at the bottom of the screen:
# breadcrumbs: false
# Uncomment the following line to use a unified diff view instead
# of the default side-by-side:
# diff-view: unified

@ -291,7 +291,10 @@ class App(object):
self.breadcrumbs = BreadCrumbBar()
functools.partial(self.breadcrumbs._update, self.screens))
self.footer = urwid.AttrMap(self.breadcrumbs, 'footer')
if self.config.breadcrumbs:
self.footer = urwid.AttrMap(self.breadcrumbs, 'footer')
self.footer = None
screen = view_project_list.ProjectListView(self)

@ -123,6 +123,7 @@ class ConfigSchema(object):
'thread-changes': bool,
'display-times-in-utc': bool,
'handle-mouse': bool,
'breadcrumbs': bool,
'change-list-options': self.change_list_options,
'expire-age': str,
@ -237,6 +238,7 @@ class Config(object):
self.thread_changes = self.config.get('thread-changes', True)
self.utc = self.config.get('display-times-in-utc', False)
self.breadcrumbs = self.config.get('breadcrumbs', True)
self.handle_mouse = self.config.get('handle-mouse', True)
change_list_options = self.config.get('change-list-options', {})