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Pierre Riteau f444b22c54 Update author and home page to match gertty
Change-Id: I08db420819eae9f53777ed2c5e3879689d1eb1be
2020-09-14 21:46:26 +02:00
OpenDev Sysadmins 89d5b40aa7 OpenDev Migration Patch
This commit was bulk generated and pushed by the OpenDev sysadmins
as a part of the Git hosting and code review systems migration
detailed in these mailing list posts:

Attempts have been made to correct repository namespaces and
hostnames based on simple pattern matching, but it's possible some
were updated incorrectly or missed entirely. Please reach out to us
via the contact information listed at with any
questions you may have.
2019-04-19 19:49:40 +00:00
Ian Wienand ba262fb43d Replace git:// URLs with https://
This is a mechanically generated change to replace
git:// URLs with https:// equivalents.

This is in aid of a planned future move of the git hosting
infrastructure to a self-hosted instance of gitea (,
which does not support the git wire protocol at this stage.

This update should result in no functional change.

For more information see the thread at

Change-Id: I3448684b49f58df2ce92d1d41a7a8520a2e7d251
2019-03-24 20:32:43 +00:00
Zuul e311952367 Merge "Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss" 2019-02-27 20:33:34 +00:00
James E. Blair af24488467 Increase width of task number column in story view
The task numbers are bigger now.

Change-Id: I87cf0aeb9bf0dfb931da94f898ae1ad17ef90b50
2019-02-27 12:19:45 -08:00
James E. Blair 076cf3ba4b Fix opening a story by ID
This fixes "ctrl-o" followed by the story ID.

Change-Id: Ica62779c3f70c37d5e7c3791b53d4a24b0d1f3ca
2019-02-27 12:17:21 -08:00
kangyufei 63bda24c4f Change openstack-dev to openstack-discuss
Change-Id: I326e80f0d33520de5bf79ac80d10c125450c0738
2018-12-03 22:27:15 -05:00
James E. Blair e457ba137b Display story access level
Indicate whether a story is private or public.

Change-Id: I082c80b33eff7df8f1ed208a2bc76468a4c2c8a6
2018-03-13 16:59:00 -07:00
James E. Blair f34a175c34 Remove archived lanes and worklist items
These should appear to us as having been deleted.

Also, set the private flag on stories.

Change-Id: Id111a83f0646a5a6d8d76342aa48ba826f6f454a
2018-03-13 16:51:26 -07:00
James E. Blair 3db84cf215 Fix creating new stories
Look up the story by key, not id.

Pre-fill the project if in the context of a project story list.

Change-Id: I2a8ff647deee84a292d25e358ebf5c948a4374b8
2017-11-27 11:47:04 -08:00
James E. Blair d6def5b802 Fix tag editing
The set conversion wasn't correct -- iterate over the tag names
rather than the dict.

Use the proxy objects rather than creating StoryTag objects directly.
Remove some unecessary db functions.  Add to help text.

Change-Id: I023f3fb7351b3e57f8984adb537b26483f6b7c1f
2017-11-27 11:20:55 -08:00
James E. Blair 09305f8248 Add unique constraint to story_tags table
This is a mapping table, we should not have duplicate entries

Change-Id: I5b4548bdd39b9855919653b701efc5f357233a9f
2017-11-27 11:19:50 -08:00
James E. Blair 9919a62912 Start using alembic
Change-Id: I7c5636155ef68332d6c94b02efed012254e34e39
2017-11-27 11:18:36 -08:00
James E. Blair 49ab7d39e9 Add help text for new story command
Change-Id: I77fc6f9a5b012730ebc274810837e5db80e9036b
2017-11-27 10:43:33 -08:00
Jan Kundrát 34b5d8a5eb Actually allow for overriding the lock file
The documentation says that it should be possible and the code already
consults that config key, so relax the validation a bit so that it could
be overridden.

Change-Id: Ic4e8964e4ad4027168e78aef5daf42788e273fa4
2017-11-27 09:27:05 -08:00
Masayuki Igawa 1c08977787 Fix inconsistency name
This commit fixes inconsistency name from Boardtty to Boartty.

Change-Id: I2a8509dcbab0e7c138f492c8d285af52b363b0e8
2017-11-27 09:27:04 -08:00
Clint Byrum 906afd8508 Add tag editting to story view
Change-Id: I46ca37c281ee56e458cfafbaf486f5864f03aeb3
2017-11-27 09:26:58 -08:00
James E. Blair e3e6290eac Make board view easier to read
And gracefully refresh it.

Change-Id: Ide12ca8f6fe98dceac63ca6522e961743e77b402
2017-11-27 08:58:06 -08:00
James E. Blair 47cf3f610d Fix keypress handling on board view
Change-Id: Ic91bb91871091436e41802cd0a9e606cd8b90969
2017-11-27 08:58:04 -08:00
James E. Blair 1da12089a5 Make hypertext searchable
Change-Id: Ifdfa8dac0f4505e82c346bcbc2f1e392b433a757
2017-02-23 21:58:46 -05:00
James E. Blair e948bfef94 Fix crash on user selection
This isn't remotely usable, but it at least doesn't crash now.

Change-Id: I252432192531699ab321958c506b761a6c8610a0
2017-02-23 21:21:04 -05:00
James E. Blair cee7a584ab Some improvements to board view
* Delete all items before refreshing.  This isn't great because we
  lose the cursor position, but it's better than what's there now
  because it just appends duplicate data.
* Make the title show up whether the worklist item is a story or
* Make worklist items clickable links which take you to the story.

Change-Id: Iba0071fd70b629ce68ceebb27b5eae8cf06932f1
2017-02-23 21:21:04 -05:00
Clint Byrum 5f78c22ca6 Add interactive search to story view
This allows looking for keywords in the task list while viewing a
story. It does not implement search for every piece however.

Change-Id: I584571fc901a5fe207a45cb5cb2fcfa2c26d6ecb
2017-02-08 11:55:53 -08:00
Jenkins 8aa8e7e89f Merge "Support search by tag" 2016-11-23 01:40:38 +00:00
James E. Blair ba75e20eaf Support search by tag
Change-Id: I2d461a0fa6728577964db18f2a0c65711f7dccc2
2016-11-22 17:40:05 -08:00
Jenkins 7ad9f9c4ec Merge "Support search by story number" 2016-11-23 01:32:11 +00:00
James E. Blair 95c0c465ab Support search by story number
Change-Id: I661e3aa1424a42af9fdbe5156c6a0648b4f19cd1
2016-11-22 17:31:20 -08:00
Jenkins 873899734e Merge "Fix board sync errors" 2016-11-23 01:18:25 +00:00
James E. Blair 2acb142109 Fix board sync errors
Change-Id: I8e98bcab1732a7dc9723dcd6c5eb503f80d267ae
2016-11-22 17:17:31 -08:00
Jenkins 272481b12a Merge "Add beginning of support for boards/worklists" 2016-11-23 00:54:49 +00:00
James E. Blair ba407b3549 Add beginning of support for boards/worklists
Change-Id: I3bd2a564c84cf999767d6ce185fc1279ab2d2de5
2016-11-22 16:53:20 -08:00
Masayuki Igawa 6a35a236f4 Fix examples/openstack-boartty.yaml servers url
This commit fixes the examples/openstack-boartty.yaml servers url to
avoid confusing of users.

Change-Id: I16a2cbda88c76154515be88fd5678047110a9669
2016-11-01 08:25:24 +09:00
James E. Blair 93fce87599 Fix missed gerrit->storyboard substitutions
Change-Id: I6ac7159b428e0cf4d1e56c06fe21693916f4ea62
2016-10-31 15:53:26 -07:00
James E. Blair d23955c423 Fix missed gerrit->storyboard substitution
Change-Id: I7793ef1c2e2cf4923e7aa15679209d4b14a11469
2016-10-31 15:51:36 -07:00
James E. Blair e4c972b803 Initial fork from gertty -> boartty
Change-Id: I8c0ce5550f2287f77fb31c790c3923d3d1b80481
2016-10-31 15:33:00 -07:00
James E. Blair 6b8f18331f Make size a graph
Change-Id: I89ee2092d15e6c6fd75bda2a16b104c668078097
2016-09-30 16:14:43 -07:00
Masayuki Igawa fa378e224d Add trailing-whitespace style
This commit adds trailing-whitespace style for emphasizing. In gerrit,
we can find a trailing-whitespace very easily because it is emphasized
in red. So this commit imitates it.

Change-Id: Ie3f35c678093c51d8e39aeeaab2ea17d504e89fb
2016-09-21 13:50:23 +00:00
Masayuki Igawa 473bd972c1 Add number of changes to the change list view
This commit adds number of changes to the change list view. We have
similar value in the project list view but not in the change list view.

Change-Id: I5409c4d0cd6ec84d181274d113f97e835d673ddf
2016-09-21 13:50:04 +00:00
Masayuki Igawa b41c7ad450 Add size column to change list view
This commit adds a size column to the change list view like Gerrit.

Change-Id: I3e1a88c0a1a7bd68400909616e4f1ec1c5114329
2016-09-21 10:22:05 +00:00
Jim Rollenhagen 01e66ca0c4 Use urlparse from six for python 3 compat
Change-Id: I2a825d1c79d3e16f1d47c051da00270740d34b79
2016-09-20 01:47:48 -07:00
James E. Blair eeef69ed5f Add an outdated flag for changes
If we detect that a change sync has failed, mark that change as
outdated in the local database so that if it has failed in such a
way that Gertty continues to process its queue and eventually stamp
a project or query as up-to-date, it can go back later and try to
sync the failed change again.

NB: This change contains a schema migration.

Change-Id: Ieb22a510a8096d77c12d30aefbedd36f7f3037b0
2016-08-09 09:32:55 -07:00
James E. Blair 85740c5885 Create new projects automatically when syncing a change
If a user asks to sync a change for an unknown project,
automatically create that project.

Change-Id: Ia25e308635ef2759d480472a7b7d381111debcae
2016-07-26 16:37:06 -07:00
Jenkins 94e029ec20 Merge "Support SyncQueriedChanges batching in Gerrit >=2.9" 2016-07-26 22:05:41 +00:00
Jenkins ded4ac5a60 Merge "Display gate results ordered" 2016-07-26 17:40:54 +00:00
Jenkins db11e539d5 Merge "Add new lock-file setting to the config doc and reference config" 2016-07-26 17:23:48 +00:00
Jenkins 3addba09e7 Merge "Prevent more than one gertty from running at a time" 2016-07-26 17:23:39 +00:00
Jenkins b0f6a550b6 Merge "Make unified diffs group changed lines" 2016-07-26 17:23:34 +00:00
Jenkins f4315cbb34 Merge "Speed up loading a change with eager loading" 2016-07-26 17:23:28 +00:00
Jenkins d3a6be76ce Merge "Fix "too many SQL variables" error" 2016-07-26 17:23:22 +00:00
Jenkins cedb05d6cf Merge "Add user email addresses to the change view" 2016-07-26 17:23:11 +00:00