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James E. Blair 9783079c45 Add documentation
Add some actual sphinx documentation.  This is basically the README
split up into sections.  Once this is actually published somewhere,
we can remove some of the content from the README and link to an
on-line reference instead.

Change-Id: I25e5ff842e94a5a05aa62c164952df93efc49e98
7 years ago
Jenkins 4c8b7fe960 Merge "Document urxvt clickable links" 7 years ago
Jenkins 006f286fa9 Merge "Always sync a specfically queried change" 7 years ago
Jenkins f3e9225a92 Merge "Add vi mode navigation" 7 years ago
Jenkins 47afa4669c Merge "Display a message when interactively syncing" 7 years ago
Jenkins 83d46e3bdd Merge "Fix off-by-one in sync counter" 7 years ago
Jenkins 20b4a537dc Merge "Add option to disable mouse support" 7 years ago
Jenkins d17ca93b84 Merge "Add support for external commands" 7 years ago
Jenkins a3cb84c7cc Merge "Allow gertty to run in Py3K environments" 7 years ago
Jenkins 8c965d4f24 Merge "Add a vi keymap" 7 years ago
Jenkins ac9e9c49d6 Merge "Cache counts of project changes" 7 years ago
Jenkins bdf7577648 Merge "Add process mark to project list" 7 years ago
Jenkins 75ebae9d76 Merge "Add project topics" 7 years ago
Jenkins 66feedb345 Merge "remove python 2.6 trove classifier" 7 years ago
Jenkins d97b0e4632 Merge "Add notes to see reference-gertty.yaml for more info" 7 years ago
James E. Blair b8e3a16e15 Document urxvt clickable links
Change-Id: I4ca5f6859c632f0da1f6d83e9dd8ef0418d0dca9
7 years ago
James E. Blair c23b0b04f6 Always sync a specfically queried change
If a change is opened by id and already exists locally, perform
a high-priority background sync of the change to make sure it's
up to date.  This should help avoid the problem where a user
returns to a change in an unsubscribed project and it appears out
of date.

If the change doesn't exist locally, it is synced in the foreground
so that case is already covered.

Change-Id: Idb5daa4309b712e39eb7cde56afcb94fdb41f179
7 years ago
Jim Rollenhagen 2d1113577a Add vi mode navigation
Add basic hjkl navigation for vi keymap.

Change-Id: I1762fc1a1fa36a5d2453809b78f34b33f4687e48
7 years ago
James E. Blair 5232cbd805 Display a message when interactively syncing
When a foreground sync is happening (because of a search for
a specific change number, including via "gertty --open") display
a message telling the user what's going on.

Change-Id: I4c12c73ec92cba8a8b3f3d69f036d1442323787e
7 years ago
James E. Blair 714a8c8986 Fix off-by-one in sync counter
The sync counter up to this point has not counted the currently
running sync task.  Keep track of that in a thread-safe way
so the counter is accurate and the user can actually know if the
system is fully synced.

Change-Id: I22a1c5d15c46f3e1785c439e72f8a9e5503d6935
7 years ago
James E. Blair 9ae126da1e Add option to disable mouse support
Change-Id: Icb075699441774989810671e48106a9de3926b92
7 years ago
James E. Blair 1222a7f927 Add support for external commands
If you run "gertty --open <URL>" it will instruct a running
Gertty to open the change at that URL.

Change-Id: Ie82aa53f497717e7355646d6d6fd12473ececad0
7 years ago
Jay Pipes 74877d2499 Allow gertty to run in Py3K environments
In environments without py27, gertty was unable to run. This patch
addresses all the Py3K issues discovered when getting gertty running in
a py34-only environment.

Change-Id: I32a06f9768bdeaf8e95ddf9a9e54c79059fbaa2f
7 years ago
James E. Blair 429668601b Add a vi keymap
This way vi users can contribute vi keybindings here and everyone
will be able to benefit.  Use "gertty -k vi" or add "keymap: vi"
to the config file.

Change-Id: Iac5db63f8f5394ab874079a6047ddc3a14ec7c22
8 years ago
Jenkins 786d35f7c2 Merge "Correct display of comments at start of file" 8 years ago
James E. Blair dc960b0cda Cache counts of project changes
So that the project list page is more responsive, cache counts of
open and unreviewed changes for projects.

Change-Id: I270f4009d6c7cca9d9868a181db94f779662b643
8 years ago
James E. Blair 6ad595801d Add process mark to project list
So that bulk actions such as copy and move to topic can be performed
on projects.

Change-Id: I838bdf68084c23181abf620bb7361259b0808cc6
8 years ago
James E. Blair cfa725cf1e Add project topics
Adds project topics so that projects may be grouped together.

Change-Id: I0216d802ccc0586ffce0182c2c8806d5df54cc2f
8 years ago
James E. Blair 37298824ed Correct display of comments at start of file
Due to a math error, comments at the start of the file when outside
of the diff context may have not been displayed.  This corrects
the error.

Change-Id: Ic879d3c434faaa5d884547889a602a7157d1b2a8
8 years ago
Craige McWhirter bdae77ebed Updated Debian availability.
Change-Id: Iebc851b95e6f5493a86b078019d4a83a9b49422c
8 years ago
Doug Hellmann 3884d7750c remove python 2.6 trove classifier
OpenStack projects are no longer being tested under Python 2.6, so
remove the trove classifier implying that this project supports 2.6.

Change-Id: I5c3610f0122712f32ac98cc5d859ee9d79e74990
8 years ago
James E. Blair 2203c7329c Add notes to see reference-gertty.yaml for more info
Change-Id: Id023c912065a3ffa98744ea61b3b9b77b34c63d1
8 years ago
Matthias Runge 9b931602a6 Fix list index out of range
When clicking with the mouse in rows without links, gertty

Change-Id: I0005d76a6804cbdd2d366c6e07f15c1316cfed90
8 years ago
James E. Blair 0e80bbf217 Fix multi-key handling in diff view
Change-Id: I032cb04e8d88a5a36ce5125a5bee644e571242c2
8 years ago
James E. Blair 76ccd91ff9 Support >= 2.9 query batching
Change-Id: I78e2f32d16c938153e58c1304575622351271b71
8 years ago
James E. Blair f21f085d20 Fix multi-key handling at top level
The example for multi-key handling, setting quit to ":q", did not
work because the key buffer clearing at the project screen was
interfering with the key buffering for unhandled input at the top
level.  Correct this by only clearing the keybuffer in the project
screen if that screen handled a command.  Otherwise, let the
unhandled input handler clear it if necessary.

Change-Id: I104141ceaa87e6178ca74467a55cb7a944ad0128
8 years ago
Martin André 96a29dae9b Fix config validation to accept new keymap format
Commit I0cd0884e0e1f4f0fa82f93e5f7438ff00c5a992aadded support for
sequences of keys input but config file validation was not updated to
reflect the change.

Change-Id: I9c648686737262148a16d3228413da5939677000
8 years ago
Jenkins 7a041b0d19 Merge "Match links by url instead of domain." 8 years ago
James E. Blair 861ef82a8f Fix commit message editing in >= 2.11
Detect the gerrit version on startup and on any reconnection.
When submitting commit message edits, use the change edit API
in 2.11 or greater as the old API has been removed.

Change-Id: Idcba9fc6d424311658b0470410c820015bac9590
8 years ago
James E. Blair 540c8dd7cc Support multiple key input
Change-Id: I0cd0884e0e1f4f0fa82f93e5f7438ff00c5a992a
8 years ago
James E. Blair 6f9e0ceb2f Add help entries for kill, yank, isearch
Change-Id: I13c074a5f67ff9ce3ef5c6819b72507ceadcfd4c
8 years ago
James E. Blair eae2e60084 Add navigation to interactive search
Change-Id: I04de45c7b4c73d1c927d442784614adea7a16381
8 years ago
James E. Blair 0d0f0f6dcd Add interactive search to diff view
Add a simple interactive search to the diff view.  This is bound
to C-s by default.  It highlights text, but does not yet navigate.

Change-Id: Ic795bb5d18911590237b6595f812e10fd4baa1ce
8 years ago
James E. Blair c8d81b7693 Add a simple kill ring
Create a global app kill ring and a custom edit widget that can
kill and yank from it.  Also, add Emacs beginning/end of line
keys to the default keymap.

Change-Id: I18d8d47694c89ede4dcec7eaf5d3fb2210ef4438
8 years ago
Wouter van Kesteren 4d268e5679 Match links by url instead of domain.
Exherbo has a setup where gerrit is at
https://galileo.mailstation.de/gerrit/ and jenkins is at
https://galileo.mailstation.de/jenkins/. gertty falsely thinks that the
jenkins link is a change and when clicked it weirdly starts to sync
random projects for 10 minutes before telling me that the change is not
found. This patch fixes it by matching on the full url.

Change-Id: I4261fce74d6cfaec736e478747592b001d82400d
8 years ago
James E. Blair b0f595b1c1 Separate search and refine search commands
Being able to refine a search query is useful, but so is being able
to quickly open a specific change from anywhere.  Separate these
commands.  C-o opens a blank search input; M-o opens a search input
pre-filled with th ecurrent query in list view.

Change-Id: I49d0f076354322a2652de515d476548926a99182
8 years ago
James E. Blair da0178b2da Fix syncing changes with comments on a missing file
If a change has comments on a file that is not in a patchset,
Gertty will fail to sync the change because local db entries for
files are only created if the file is actually in the revision.

If a comment appears for an unknown file, create an entry in
the db for that file.  Note, this will cause the change to appear
in "file:" queries that match that file.  It's not clear to me
that is incorrect.

Change-Id: I4916b85a5cbd72ced6682448b774752f3f6cc821
8 years ago
Paul Bourke 3b2b671ce4 Change key binding for reverse sort to shift-r ('R')
The addition of the ability to review multiple changes at once from the
change_list view duplicates the reverse_order keybinding. They both use

Change the reverse_order binding to 'R'.

See, https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2000290

Change-Id: I3728948a55060ff9f1bd28352474fc4479e68ab9
8 years ago
Jeremy Stanley a5f3ea5193 Update .gitreview for new namespace
Change-Id: I384dac80b6c89cec71315a907b5f5b29efa472bb
8 years ago
Alex Schultz 5f680ea6e4 Make permalink clickable
This change allows a user to click the permalink on the review screen
and have it open up in a web browser.

Change-Id: I4c0fe35f062043a47368d68fecbbcdbf8d955267
8 years ago