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# This is an example ~/.boartty.yaml file for use with OpenStack's
# Storyboard. Most of these options are not required, rather, they
# customize Boartty to better deal with the particulars of OpenStack's
# Storyboard configuration.
# This file does not list all of the available options. For a full
# list with explanations, see the 'reference-boartty.yaml' file.
- name: openstack
# Your authentication token for Storyboard. Go to the "Profile"
# and then "Tokens" (the "key" icon) page in the Storyboard web
# interface and create a token. Give it a sufficiently long
# validity period (e.g., one decade), and copy and paste the value
# here.
# Uncomment the next line if your terminal has a white background
# palette: light
# This section defines customized dashboards. You can supply any
# Boartty search string and bind them to any key. They will appear in
# the global help text, and pressing the key anywhere in Boartty will
# run the query and display the results.
# NB: "recentlyseen:24 hours" does not just return stories seen in the
# last 24 hours -- it returns stories seen within 24 hours of the most
# recently seen change. So you can take the weekend off and pick up
# where you were.
- name: "My stories"
query: "creator:self status:active"
key: "f2"
- name: "Starred stories"
query: "is:starred"
key: "f3"
- name: "Recently seen stories"
query: "recentlyseen:24 hours"
sort-by: "last-seen"
reverse: True
key: "f4"