Console interface to Gerrit Code Review
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Gertty is packaged in Debian and is currently available in:

  • unstable
  • testing
  • stable

You can install it with:

apt-get install gertty


Gertty is packaged starting in Fedora 21. You can install it with:

yum install python-gertty


Gertty is packaged for openSUSE 13.1 onwards. You can install it via 1-click install from the Open Build Service.

Arch Linux

Gertty packages are available in the Arch User Repository packages. You can get the package from:


When installing from source, it is recommended (but not required) to install Gertty in a virtualenv. To set one up:

virtualenv gertty-env
source gertty-env/bin/activate

To install the latest version from the cheeseshop:

pip install gertty

To install from a git checkout:

pip install .