Console interface to Gerrit Code Review
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# This is an example ~/.config/gertty/gertty.yaml file for use with
# installations of Gerrit running on Most of these options
# are not required, rather, they customize Gertty to better deal with the
# particulars of Google's Gerrit configuration.
# This file does not list all of the available options. For a full
# list with explanations, see the 'reference-gertty.yaml' file.
- name: CHANGEME-review
# Your gerrit username.
username: CHANGEME
# Set password at https://{name}
# Note this is not your Google password.
password: CHANGEME
auth-type: basic
git-root: ~/git/
# Uncomment the next line if your terminal has a white background
# palette: light
# Commentlinks are regexes that are applied to commit and review
# messages. They can be replaced with internal or external links, or
# have colors applied.
# Match Gerrit change ids, and replace them with a link to an
# internal Gertty search for that change id.
- match: "(?P<id>I[0-9a-fA-F]{40})"
- search:
text: "{id}"
query: "change:{id}"
# Uncomment the following line to use a unified diff view instead
# of the default side-by-side:
# diff-view: unified
# This section defines customized dashboards. You can supply any
# Gertty search string and bind them to any key. They will appear in
# the global help text, and pressing the key anywhere in Gertty will
# discard the current display stack and replace it with the results of
# the query.
# NB: "recentlyseen:24 hours" does not just return changes seen in the
# last 24 hours -- it returns changes seen within 24 hours of the most
# recently seen change. So you can take the weekend off and pick up
# where you were.
- name: "My changes"
query: "owner:self status:open"
key: "f2"
- name: "Incoming reviews"
query: "is:open is:reviewer"
key: "f3"
- name: "Starred changes"
query: "is:starred"
key: "f4"
- name: "Recently seen changes"
query: "recentlyseen:24 hours"
sort-by: "last-seen"
reverse: True
key: "f5"
# Reviewkeys are hotkeys that perform immediate reviews within the
# change screen. Any pending comments or review messages will be
# attached to the review; otherwise an empty review will be left. The
# approvals list is exhaustive, so if you specify an empty list,
# Gertty will submit a review that clears any previous approvals. To
# submit the change with the review, include 'submit: True' with the
# reviewkey. Reviewkeys appear in the help text for the change
# screen.
- key: 'meta 0'
approvals: []
- key: 'meta 1'
- category: 'Code-Review'
value: 1
- key: 'meta 2'
- category: 'Code-Review'
value: 2
- key: 'meta 3'
- category: 'Code-Review'
value: 2
submit: True