An Ansible deployment to manage backups for Windmill.
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- job:
name: windmill-backup-base
pre-run: tests/playbooks/pre.yaml
run: tests/playbooks/run.yaml
post-run: tests/playbooks/post.yaml
- windmill/ansible-role-borgbackup
- windmill/ansible-role-borgmatic
- windmill/ansible-role-ssh
- windmill/windmill-backup
timeout: 3600
# Testing for install_method: pip
- job:
name: windmill-backup
parent: windmill-backup-base
windmill_backup_extra_vars_file: tests/extra-vars/pip.yaml
- job:
name: windmill-backup-centos-7
parent: windmill-backup
nodeset: centos-7
- job:
name: windmill-backup-fedora-latest
parent: windmill-backup
nodeset: fedora-latest
- job:
name: windmill-backup-ubuntu-bionic
parent: windmill-backup
nodeset: ubuntu-bionic