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  Jérôme Justet fa8d0da0c6 Adding Vagrant based demo for Alexandria 3 years ago
  Bruno Cornec e1d6e5afd3 Rename _push functions into set (for coherency with get) 3 years ago
  Bruno Cornec 12b04cf251 Merge pull request #1 from vmisson/prototype 3 years ago
  root 881682cbc9 Add Redfish model 1.0 3 years ago
  vmisson f37370484f Fix bug + move Redfish model file in 0.96 directory to manage several version 3 years ago
  vmisson 928b23a122 Redfish and iTop integration 3 years ago
  vmisson d92d434bfa Fix iTop in docker + documentation in Readme-itop.txt 3 years ago
  vmisson d771efbdd0 Move iTop to examples directory 3 years ago
  vmisson 49ba582e56 Add iTop dockerfile 3 years ago
  Uggla 7c0a8a2de1 Add LICENCE file. 3 years ago
  Uggla 0ee7e29dfd Add http request sample to itop. Boulala.... 4 years ago
  René Ribaud bc4675efc6 Update README.md 4 years ago
  René Ribaud 0fd322c72f Update README.md 4 years ago
  uggla 378b688e48 TODO and logger modifications. 4 years ago
  uggla 99d2eadad6 Fix ExtendedInfo.0.96.0.json json file. 4 years ago
  uggla ed1f2cacdb Add all dmtf redfish files. 4 years ago
  uggla 7e1bd64771 Put in place synchronization. 4 years ago
  uggla da4f890e84 Make reference models attribute private. 4 years ago
  uggla 925e4ced0a Use format method instead of old style %. 4 years ago
  uggla 8fb8a77dca Copy reference object example. 4 years ago
  uggla ad8908753e Add ci parameter to get_ci() and push_ci() methods. 4 years ago
  uggla 370cff7c6b Encapsulate ci_type and data into methods. 4 years ago
  uggla 3a27498841 Move Alexandria class to module config. 4 years ago
  uggla 9acb9e9b5e Cleanup to respect pep8 coding standard. 4 years ago
  uggla 6dbed9f32b Add etherpad link. 4 years ago
  uggla 49979a0475 Update app.py to reflect latest renaming methods. 4 years ago
  uggla d97e33e87d Create a get_driver_type() method. 4 years ago
  uggla bc9cb6eae5 Add new common method get_ci() and push_ci() to Driver class. 4 years ago
  uggla 731be163d6 Add driver_type. 4 years ago
  uggla c16cfd05bd Add logging to Alexandria. 4 years ago
  uggla 19fb04ed21 Change models file hierarchy. 4 years ago
  uggla b68e4a3589 Driver part working as expected. 4 years ago
  uggla 6bf5f4b375 Elaborate around drivers. 4 years ago
  René Ribaud 926a22216e Update README.md 4 years ago
  uggla 6d40985f10 Hackaton #1. 4 years ago
  Uggla 2f7c61cf7d Add docstring examples. 4 years ago
  Uggla 63718ffd19 Update skeleton and put code samples in order to have materials for hackaton. 4 years ago
  uggla d677e12ed8 Add bruno post method as an example. 4 years ago
  Uggla 9739bfe06e Add server running port from configuration file. 4 years ago
  Uggla 6bc505011f Implement REST API example with Flask. 4 years ago
  uggla 99c22b0d1e Add umbrello uml file 4 years ago
  uggla 0aded1e491 Initial commit 4 years ago