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  Zuul e9fdb572f2 Merge "Use template for lower-constraints" 2 months ago
  huang.zhiping 6a4445eb6c fix tox python3 overrides 1 year ago
  OpenDev Sysadmins 5dbfadcb48 OpenDev Migration Patch 4 months ago
  Andreas Jaeger 18e3168113 Use template for lower-constraints 8 months ago
  Doug Hellmann 72b3b91247 add lower-constraints job 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger 41254a3578 Update requirements manually 1 year ago
  melissaml 6a4c5ed448 Remove obsolete tempest-lib 1 year ago
  Vu Cong Tuan 655515bc97 Replace the usage of some aliases in tempest 1 year ago
  Jenkins 047ecdffd7 Merge "Add processed field with current time" 2 years ago
  Marc Aubry 94d277c7ed DeprecationWarning os_adm becoming os_admin 2 years ago
  Marc Aubry 082b29aa36 Add processed field with current time 2 years ago
  luke.li 9e9fd41071 Enable some off-by-default checks 2 years ago
  Vu Cong Tuan add74e4b01 Define hacking rules to ensure code quality 2 years ago
  Vu Cong Tuan d11423673f Replace oslo_utils.timeutils.isotime 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot ef8897f58b Add API versioning 2 years ago
  Paul Millette 3392b59188 Fix two typos in docs 2 years ago
  Jenkins ed9f99ae0a Merge "Write doc without flask autodoc" 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot c22dc7babe Write doc without flask autodoc 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot e1428c042f Do not try to stop failed listeners 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 2e56cf802e Upgrade Kombu to fix breaking change in oslo messaging 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot de22d48ad0 Add option to override default thread pool size 2 years ago
  liangcui d1798c92f8 Replaces uuid.uuid4 with uuidutils.generate_uuid() 2 years ago
  Ken'ichi Ohmichi 2bd049d1af Switch to use stable data_utils 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 4429e77ad3 Update code to latest changes in olso.messaging and tempest 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 262586195d Handle instances deleted before completion 2 years ago
  Anh Tran 45e76f87d4 Remove unused logging import 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot b9893d4d82 Remove image metadata during teardown 2 years ago
  Marc Aubry dcef52bbd3 Handle instance being rebuild causing integration-test failure 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot d888655fc7 Stdlib imports are always first 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 04c4fcf900 Fix wrong logic in notification error handling 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 4fbb9d7b56 Handle deletion of errored instances 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot f66cc7ef44 Ignore unrelated notifications sent on error queue 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 0f11fff0a9 Update Kombu requirement 2 years ago
  Paul Millette c024e7061c Remove last usages of flexmock 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 53812aeb40 Fix broken logging 2 years ago
  Paul Millette 308a04d678 Remove all remaining usages of hamcrest 2 years ago
  Paul Millette 00ff775da4 Remove hamcrest from all api test classes 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 54b56940db Handle multiple listeners 2 years ago
  Jenkins 3d8c3d5f68 Merge "Fix tempest tests" 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 50d9681854 Fix tempest tests 2 years ago
  Paul Millette ad1104de6e Use builtin-mock in Api MixedAuth 2 years ago
  Paul Millette 2f6e86049b Restore entity controller test call 2 years ago
  Paul Millette 3d175cdae4 Entity controller unit test use built-in mock 2 years ago
  Jenkins 6593961855 Merge "Volume controller unit test use built-in mock" 2 years ago
  Paul Millette 4732b22f42 Instance controller unit test use built-in mock 2 years ago
  Paul Millette a41d3d982f Volume controller unit test use built-in mock 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot c344ad0d80 Add unit test for application controller 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 4793264851 Use same naming convention everywhere for test classes 2 years ago
  Frédéric Guillot 1f62249bae Models refactoring 2 years ago
  Jenkins 44baec339f Merge "Update setup.cfg" 2 years ago