39 Commits (master)

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  OpenDev Sysadmins 2a7da67c23 OpenDev Migration Patch 4 months ago
  Paul Belanger 2a2731be1b Stop testing with ubuntu-xenial 8 months ago
  Paul Belanger d053a353ab
Switch to fedora-latest for testing 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 1bf2c07938
Limit linters to current working directory 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger d1cd312d12
Bump minimal version of ansible to 2.4.0 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger dd49f78200
Remove tox functional 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 85a9f3b5b9
Pass list of packages directly to package task 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 8a55c99ca1
Default install method to pip 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger a2c6f0dc9b
Refactor jobs to support pip / git installation testing 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger d0e17e1265
Default shade_pip_executable to pip3 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger afdbdc9eb6
Stop gating on centos-7 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 32692b4aa4
Add shade_pip_executable variable 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 88550baa13
Remove redundant pip install task 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 13e2783eac
Start testing with ubuntu-bionic 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger a2943f1d58
Update shade_git_dest location 1 year ago
  James E. Blair c51a3db275 Zuul: Remove project name 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 9fd6d7cd0c
Switch from fedora-26 to fedora-27 testing 1 year ago
  James E. Blair 624373eb32 Zuul: add file extension to playbook path 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 6fea31eaaf
Initial commit for zuulv3 support 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 6ffd2b691f
Create shade_git_update 1 year ago
  Paul Belanger 6cdba6a985
Create shade_pip_virtualenv_python 2 years ago
  Paul Belanger e5edeea2b7 Add gcc as a build dependency 2 years ago
  Paul Belanger 05d0984398 Move ansible dependencies into bindep.txt 2 years ago
  Paul Belanger c7d1da40ca Add python development headers as build dependency 2 years ago
  Paul Belanger 58cb62813e Add support for fedora 2 years ago
  Paul Belanger a800a513ed Fix deprecated becomes logic 2 years ago
  Paul Belanger 8073a27f75
Add openssl development headers for shade 2 years ago
  Paul Belanger 53e9afa80e
Run functional tests against 2 years ago
  Paul Belanger afd0a7e703
Simplify pip install options 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger d93d1b0ff4
Remove epel-release / python-pip from role 3 years ago
  Jenkins e41e5f8ff8 Merge "Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txt" 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger 4fe9affb27
Fix path issue with roles_path 3 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger 4eb024a86c Move other-requirements.txt to bindep.txt 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger 2d455e893b Add other-requirements.txt for bindep 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger 095679e918 Fix deprecation warning 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger 05283eb20a Fix up git clone path 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger 95afeb3af9 Fix type with package module 3 years ago
  Paul Belanger 63a208c086 Initial commit 3 years ago
  OpenStack Project Creator e5033f8d54 Added .gitreview 3 years ago