Web interface for Surveil
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Web Interface for Surveil

Bansho interface picture


sudo apt-get install docker.io
git clone https://github.com/stackforge/bansho
cd bansho
make build
make production

You can alternatively forge a Docker command to select your port.


Clone project :

git clone https://github.com/stackforge/bansho
cd bansho

Install development dependencies :

sudo apt-get install npm nodejs-legacy ruby docker.io
npm install grunt-cli bower
npm install
bower install
gem install sass
make build

Start the Docker container (be sure to have a surveil container available at this link: https://github.com/stackforge/surveil )

make daemon

If you wish to develop in a docker container, here is how to proceed (assuming you already have docker installed) :

curl http://localhost:8888/

To only compile sass files to css run :

grunt sass

Coding style

This project conforms to JSLint coding style (http://github.com/douglascrockford/JSLint). Run the linter as follows:

grunt jshint


AngularJS comes with Karma which is an automatic unit test runner. While running, Karma automatically executes the tests when any js file changes. To launch Karma :

npm test


npm start

Now, go on


To contribute to this project, please fork the repo. Then do your commits (branch as you will) and then open a pull-request to this repo's master branch.

<fork this repo on github>
git clone your-repo/bansho
git checkout -b dev-new-feature-xx
git commit ...
git push origin dev-new-feature-xx
<You can now open your pull-request to this repo's master>

Good practices before opening a pull request:

  • Run tests with npm test
  • Lint your .js files with grunt jslint
  • Make sure your directives are prefixed with bansho
  • Make sure your controllers are suffixed with Ctrl
  • Resolve merge conflicts locally