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  OpenDev Sysadmins 0f4bdef7c5 OpenDev Migration Patch 5 days ago
  Vincent Fournier 844d9e0e6e Clean config.js and remove container 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 5d87fdaacd Improve code naming 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 614e1fd9ed Add HTML5 notifications 3 years ago
  aviau 4df8197262 Added 'N' option is getopt 3 years ago
  aviau 088bbf14ec Fixed relative link 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 2bb172ff07 Set production default 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier a209eb0322 Fix search-filter and remove useless properties 3 years ago
  Jenkins 049ebee107 Merge "Improve variable name" 3 years ago
  flavien peyre 0e33dc7553 Improve variable name 3 years ago
  flavien peyre 367ca29171 Font awesome available in production 3 years ago
  Jenkins 707ecabddb Merge "Add all config object page" 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier aa71acef19 Fix checkbox bug 3 years ago
  flavien peyre 266fbf4402 Add all config object page 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier f1b6d5d552 Rename files to conform with standard 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 68e3f89633 Add single cell and modify config 3 years ago
  Jenkins 81484834dc Merge "Add generic tables" 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier e02eedb965 Add generic tables 3 years ago
  flavien peyre 97d2fffae2 Add directive textArea 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 547da5b17c Add container directive 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier e26236ac74 Remove templates service and host 3 years ago
  flavien peyre 6b94e92be3 Refactoring info panel 3 years ago
  flavien peyre 90957f83e9 Add pagingSize inside layout config 3 years ago
  Jenkins bc982cabde Merge "Fix bug that prevent saving layout" 3 years ago
  flavien peyre 2d14a3cad0 Add paging in actionbar 3 years ago
  Jenkins cd297b3d0e Merge "Config host and config Template pages" 3 years ago
  flavien peyre 93ebbc4dfd Config host and config Template pages 3 years ago
  Thibault Cohen a87dc68828 Prepare graphs in service and host views 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 6ed04419a9 Fix bug that prevent saving layout 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 0931458d80 Add theme size options 3 years ago
  aviau 54d63de7a0 Fixed typo: Flag detection -> Flap detection 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 521f748087 Implement topbar 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 43457faac2 Fix bug where layout was not in production 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier c12dec323f Add refresh options in config.json 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier a66a0e404c Rename developmentConfig.json => config.json 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier e6cbd2e844 Rename config.json => defaultLayoutConfig.json 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 6d40b87c7d Add option to specify surveil api url 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier c7c793b699 Improve application configuration 3 years ago
  flavien peyre a97fb551c7 Add edit configuration page 3 years ago
  Jenkins 8f877fdcc2 Merge "Refactoring of single table and generic actionbar" 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 022f2e29d7 Refactoring of single table and generic actionbar 3 years ago
  Jenkins 093520c78b Merge "Ignore errors on 'make remove'" 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier 83ae62fc08 Refactoring of table 3 years ago
  aviau 1dcd59e817 Ignore errors on 'make remove' 3 years ago
  Thibault Cohen a73c8deaf4 Fix grafana init script 3 years ago
  Jenkins f906f96bea Merge "Add actionbar following and refactoring" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 503f17fc69 Merge "Fix login page style" 3 years ago
  Jenkins f925cc5e11 Merge "Makefile: remove before daemon and production" 3 years ago
  aviau a1cf1f0fbd Makefile: remove before daemon and production 3 years ago
  Vincent Fournier cc30bbca57 Add list of all other data for events 3 years ago