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  OpenDev Sysadmins 31168a829b OpenDev Migration Patch 5 days ago
  Zuo ZongMing 31842b6f3d Update the README 1 year ago
  Zuul 5503d44ee5 Merge "Remove deprecated oslotest.mockpatch usage" 1 year ago
  Sean Pryor 6c56e96b5c Removed kwarg enforce_type from oslo.config set_override method 1 year ago
  Thomas Bechtold 808a5b14fc Remove deprecated oslotest.mockpatch usage 1 year ago
  Jon Schlueter 0ce7a9d7f3 fixup python35 tox 1 year ago
  Dung Ha 2f13fc3283 Fixes all current typo errors on Bilean project. 2 years ago
  Jenkins a3fb6de594 Merge "Remove unused logging import" 1 year ago
  lvdongbing 6f880c827b Remove sqlite_db in set_defaults() 1 year ago
  Anh Tran b35c2b1c4d Remove unused logging import 2 years ago
  Jenkins df84bb1d95 Merge "Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv for bilean" 2 years ago
  gengchc2 4b8d059a56 Add Python 3.5 classifier and venv for bilean 2 years ago
  Jenkins aa15d9e9e3 Merge imports in code 2 years ago
  Jenkins 03250b0a82 Merge "Translate info-level log messages for LOG.info" 2 years ago
  Jenkins cab7399499 Merge "Translate info-level log messages for LOG.warn" 2 years ago
  gengchc2 a67563944f Translate info-level log messages for LOG.info 2 years ago
  gengchc2 2f287ffdc0 Translate info-level log messages for LOG.warn 2 years ago
  gengchc2 c6e90aaed2 Correct bilean reraising of exception 2 years ago
  Nguyen Hung Phuong e09fdeddad Clean imports in code 2 years ago
  lvdongbing a1f01ab73e Suupport to generate resource consumption list. 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 673374761e Should generate consumpiton when freeze 2 years ago
  Jenkins a6fff8d084 Merge "Auto set first policy as default policy" 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 132891b988 Auto set first policy as default policy 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 1a0b71ecb2 Fix the issue that consumption filter not work 2 years ago
  Jenkins 3223e42c21 Merge "Add os.cinder.volume plugin" 2 years ago
  lvdongbing aee6d03c03 Add os.cinder.volume plugin 2 years ago
  Jenkins 511987913a Merge "Add consumptions API support." 2 years ago
  Jenkins afe725693f Merge "Remove discover from test-requirements" 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 711c54e6d2 Add consumptions API support. 2 years ago
  Swapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap) d0a7db77b8 Remove discover from test-requirements 2 years ago
  lvdongbing ff26ed98e7 Replace float with decimal 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 5025328bc1 Enable notification messaging pools 2 years ago
  Andreas Jaeger e5385d4e9b Remove unused POT files 2 years ago
  Jenkins 0e72931d84 Merge "Combine rules and resources to plugins" 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 1dbdb83115 Combine rules and resources to plugins 2 years ago
  ZhongShengping f084d62739 Add Documentation in README.rst 2 years ago
  Jenkins 3746f1cb34 Merge "Support readthedocs" 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 4981409b2c Support readthedocs 2 years ago
  Jenkins 0a70196545 Merge "Revise policy conf" 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 6fd1258861 Revise resource definition conf 2 years ago
  lvdongbing b54485fb0d Revise policy conf 2 years ago
  Jenkins e6f58709bc Merge "Ignore ATHORS and ChangeLog" 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 277b7f7809 Ignore ATHORS and ChangeLog 2 years ago
  lvdongbing dd679bba81 Revise install doc 2 years ago
  lvdongbing 3274078d80 Add devstack plugin 2 years ago
  Jenkins 2408d71cb4 Merge "Modify api and remove project_id" 2 years ago
  lvdongbing d1f574f9dc Modify api and remove project_id 2 years ago
  lvdongbing f0d0a1403a Separate consumption and recharge from event 3 years ago
  Jenkins 2c9d918525 Merge "Add 'name' field to user object" 3 years ago
  lvdongbing 3a825e2e07 Add 'name' field to user object 3 years ago