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default: 4
type: int
description: |
Raft leader election timeout in seconds. The charm allows a value between
1 and 60 seconds.
The Open vSwitch ovsdb-server default of 1 second may not be sufficient
for a loaded cluster where the database server may be too busy serving
requests to respond to elections in time.
Using a higher value will increase the time to discover a real failure,
but you must weigh that against the risk of spurious leader flapping and
the unwanted churn that entails.
NOTE: The ovsdb-server will refuse to decrease or increase the value of
this timer more than 2x the current value. The charm will compensate for
this and decrease / increase the timer in increments, but care should be
taken to not decrease / increase the value too much in one operation.
default: 60
type: int
description: |
Maximum number of seconds of idle time on connection to client before
sending an inactivity probe message.
The Open vSwitch ovsdb-server default of 5 seconds may not be sufficient
depending on type and load of the CMS you want to connect to OVN.