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Liam Young d106dbf445
Switch to 23.09
Change-Id: I4c19df29664585b98df04cd239a3a77d00b003a1
2023-10-12 06:56:55 +00:00
Liam Young 0f02830a00 Fix publishing channel
Change-Id: I10d6befac752d0457a697bb976c7cf0466bd3fc5
2023-05-25 10:19:31 +00:00
James Page a6b38d5f73 Upgrade charm to OpenStack Yoga
Update OCI image.

Refresh bundles.

Update OSCI publisher.

Make default test/bundle name release agnostic.

Change-Id: Ia6337fcb4a3343852a1a626fef2163b54f3b0756
2022-11-22 10:03:01 +00:00
Liam Young 262048c6f1 General tidy for module ready for release.
Refresh charm to drop release usage in ops-sunbeam.

Drop surplus template fragments.

Refresh unit tests.

Tidy requirements.txt.

Switch to black + other linters.

Tidy docstrings across operator.

Change-Id: Ied1e6a797645f58a84fe4aad20080ba585f54d19
2022-11-04 09:00:19 +00:00
James Page 7e99d0460c Add functional testing gate
Add functional test and Zuul configuration for execution in the
OpenDev check/gate jobs.

Change-Id: I24ea2c9938082275a5358802cc7619c78f1d1395
2022-11-01 15:26:50 +01:00
Hemanth Nakkina c0edd1efae Add osci yaml
Add project templates and variables to osci.yaml
Add rename script to change built charm name to
charm_build_name defined in osci.yaml

Change-Id: I737badefa19fd8d65def0ab79cadaa63d7d93b5a
2022-09-09 08:58:35 +05:30