Juju K8S Charm - Open Virtual Network - Relay component
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The ovn-relay-k8s is an operator to manage the OVN ovsdb relay service on a kubernetes based environment.



ovn-relay-k8s is deployed using below command:

juju deploy ovn-relay-k8s ovn-relay

Now connect the ovn-relay application to vault to generate certificates.

juju relate vault:certificates ovn-relay:certificates


This section covers common and/or important configuration options. See file config.yaml for the full list of options, along with their descriptions and default values. See the Juju documentation for details on configuring applications.


This section covers Juju actions supported by the charm. Actions allow specific operations to be performed on a per-unit basis. To display action descriptions run juju actions ovn-relay. If the charm is not deployed then see file actions.yaml.


ovn-relay-k8s requires the following relations:

certificates: To retrieve generated certificates from vault ovsdb-cms: To retrieve ovn-central IPs from ovn-central

OCI Images

The charm by default uses registry.jujucharms.com/charm/kau2b145zhaeuj5ly4w4m30qiq8qzspf93tnd/ovn-sb-db-server-image image.


Please see the Juju SDK docs for guidelines on enhancements to this charm following best practice guidelines, and CONTRIBUTING.md for developer guidance.


Please report bugs on Launchpad.