Juju Charm - PLUMgrid Gateway
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About the Plumgrid Platform

The PLUMgrid Platform is a software-only solution that provides a rich set of distributed network functions such as routers, switches, NAT, IPAM, DHCP, and it also supports security policies, end-to-end encryption, and third party Layer 4-7 service insertion.


This charm is responsible for configuring a node as a PLUMgrid Gateway.

Once deployed the charm triggers the necessary services for a PLUMgrid Gateway and configures the IO Visor kernel module as a PLUMgrid Software Gateway. It also configures additional interfaces on the node for external connectivity.


Instructions on using the charm:

juju deploy neutron-api
juju deploy neutron-api-plumgrid
juju deploy plumgrid-director
juju deploy nova-compute
juju deploy plumgrid-edge
juju deploy plumgrid-gateway

juju add-relation neutron-api neutron-api-plumgrid
juju add-relation neutron-api-plumgrid plumgrid-director
juju add-relation plumgrid-director plumgrid-edge
juju add-relation nova-compute plumgrid-edge
juju add-relation plumgrid-director plumgrid-gateway

For plumgrid-gateway to work make the configuration in the neutron-api, neutron-api-plumgrid, plumgrid-director and plumgrid-edge charms as specified in the configuration section below.

Known Limitations and Issues

This charm currently doesn’t support Ubuntu 16.04.


Example Config

    external-interfaces: '{"node01":"eth5,eth2","node02":"eth4,eth8"}'
    install_sources: 'ppa:plumgrid-team/stable'
    install_keys: 'null'
    install_sources: 'ppa:plumgrid-team/stable'
    install_keys: 'null'
    plumgrid-virtual-ip: ""
    install_sources: 'ppa:plumgrid-team/stable'
    install_keys: 'null'
    install_sources: 'ppa:plumgrid-team/stable'
    install_keys: 'null'
    enable-metadata: False
    neutron-plugin: "plumgrid"
    plumgrid-virtual-ip: ""

The “external-interfaces” config parameter should be the interfaces that will provide external connectivity on each of the gateway nodes. Should be provided as a json in a string with hostname and interface names. Provide the source repo path for PLUMgrid Debs in ‘install_sources’ and the corresponding keys in ‘install_keys’. The virtual IP passed on in the neutron-api charm has to be same as the one passed in the plumgrid-director charm.

Contact Information

Bilal Baqar bbaqar@plumgrid.com Javeria Khan javeriak@plumgrid.com Junaid Ali junaidali@plumgrid.com