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  OpenDev Sysadmins 7065f810e2 OpenDev Migration Patch 1 month ago
  Andreas Jaeger b0fb22d3fe Import Zuul v3 job 1 year ago
  Andreas Jaeger 82f9e84b86 Only install needed requirements 3 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 9c6357068d Update .gitreview for new namespace 3 years ago
  Russell Sim 133ebab58d Added license information to asd files 4 years ago
  Russell Sim ac2369bd6f Added connection-tenant method 5 years ago
  Russell Sim 88cc72ff95 Re-factored base resource API out of keystone 5 years ago
  Russell Sim 2b75f1821d Initial partial keystone API implementation 5 years ago
  Julien Danjou 210ded8b38 Fix tests run 5 years ago
  Russell Sim 6ab023dbd1 Added token validity predicate 5 years ago
  Russell Sim d475acbde1 Check for all required fields 5 years ago
  Russell Sim 84e1783379 Implemented simple error handling behaviour 5 years ago
  Russell Sim f61d5083c5 Fixed typo in exported symbol. 5 years ago
  Julien Danjou 770d6a7100 Add .gitreview, fix run-tests exit code 6 years ago
  Julien Danjou bf86f3420d Create README.md 6 years ago
  Julien Danjou 76556a660d Add license information 6 years ago
  Julien Danjou e4e7a658d8 Import basic Keystone client 6 years ago
  Julien Danjou 3f010e335a Initial import 6 years ago