529 Commits (master)

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  OpenDev Sysadmins 405329ea4c OpenDev Migration Patch 6 days ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 1fae06860c Fixes setting MTU on adapters to be disabled 6 months ago
  Zuul dab0634bcf Merge "Fix get_network_details_v2 exception" 6 months ago
  Adrian Vladu 9bd096803e Fix get_network_details_v2 exception 6 months ago
  Claudiu Belu a54fc82106 Updates tox.ini's cover environment 6 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 2773599be3 Add get_network_details_v2 in MAAS 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 1cdf43ce23 Add get_network_details_v2 in BaseOpenStackService 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 6782252536 Support get_network_details_v2 in network plugin 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 6e079d6fa4 Add enable_network_adapter 7 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 1fc57be0f7 Add get_network_adapter_name_by_mac_address 7 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti ac667f7f50 Use MSFT_NetIPAddress in static network config 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 518081b45b Add get_network_details_v2 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti f99a8daabf Add NetLBFO network teaming 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 148855f74e Add PyMI as requirement 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti fe9aa8247d Use the interface name when setting the MTU 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 705daeb7d0 Include the NIC names in get_dhcp_hosts_in_use 7 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti ae3d80fd63 Add rename_network_adapter 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 01a501ff1d Return NetConnectionID instead of Name 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 0dc65eb712 Add new networking model 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti bde2be7e7d Move NetworkDetails to a separate module 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 0d04300138 Fix COM thread model issue 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti b2f738236d Fix issue in retrieving MAC address 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti bb2e3484d6 Fix libeay32 and UCRT DLL search 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 53a4ee450b Fix access violation when calling get_volumes 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 0368124b54 Fix CRT DLL loading on Windows in Python 3.6 8 months ago
  Alessandro Pilotti f9c15d2214 Change check_latest_version default value 10 months ago
  James Penick 24365043e3 Recognize uppercase vfat disk labels 1 year ago
  Jenkins c77216965d Merge "Fixed all typos in comments" 1 year ago
  Jenkins b8da594e39 Merge "Adds releasenotes configuration" 1 year ago
  Claudiu Belu 74e3457769 Adds releasenotes configuration 1 year ago
  Jenkins 43466b922b Merge "Add configurable option for the user password length" 1 year ago
  Adrian Vladu 8b6e7a4c84 Do not error out on empty cloud-config 1 year ago
  Adrian Vladu 6150a769ab Fixed all typos in comments 1 year ago
  Paula Madalina Crismaru 894b800d31 Add configurable option for the user password length 2 years ago
  Jenkins 43cef17976 Merge "Fix the cloud-config keys that are processed by cloudbase-init" 1 year ago
  Paula Madalina Crismaru f92371bfdd Fix the cloud-config keys that are processed by cloudbase-init 1 year ago
  Paula Madalina Crismaru 2a5cd3a412 Adds support for all MIME Content-Transfer-Encodings 1 year ago
  Jenkins 68a9ae57d4 Merge "Fixed infinite recursion when using serial ports" 1 year ago
  Adrian Vladu a8ab3abc56 Fixed infinite recursion when using serial ports 2 years ago
  Jenkins 8ce9f928bd Merge "Adds Azure guest agent plugin" 1 year ago
  Alessandro Pilotti ec13226df6 Update pbr version requirements 1 year ago
  Alessandro Pilotti f1fb9e4414 Adds Azure guest agent plugin 2 years ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 1581d6f946 Add Azure metadata service 2 years ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 0a695a8aa3 Return serialized certificate on certificate creation 1 year ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 341930eb91 Add certificates plugin for Windows 2 years ago
  Adrian Vladu 34fb5a065f Use the openstack upper requirements 1 year ago
  Jenkins a80aa83360 Merge "Adds EC2 userdata execution support" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 33244dd4ff Merge "Add ephemeral disk plugin" 2 years ago
  Alessandro Pilotti 4d46b6d081 Add ephemeral disk plugin 2 years ago
  Paula Madalina Crismaru f8db0d5333 Fixes unit tests to work with latest version of oslo.config 2 years ago