Automated Test Case Repository for OpenStack. Based on CloudCAFE.
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CloudRoast, CloudCAFE Test Repo

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  === CloudRoast ===
= A CloudCAFE Test Repository =

CloudRoast is a rich, full bodied blend of premium roasted automated test cases. CloudRoast tests are based on the expanded unittest driver in the Open CAFE Core and built using the CloudCAFE Framework.

CloudRoast tests support smoke, functional, integration, scenario and reliability based test cases for OpenStack. It is meant to be highly flexible and leave the logic of the testing in the hands of the test case developer while leaving the interactions with OpenStack, various resources and support infrastructure to CloudCAFE.


CloudRoast can be installed with pip from the git repository after it is cloned to a local machine.

  • First follow the README instructions to install the CloudCAFE Framework
  • Clone this repository to your local machine
  • cd to the root directory in your cloned repository.
  • Run pip install . --upgrade and pip will auto install all other dependencies.


CloudRoast runs on the CloudCAFE Framework using the cafe-runner. It relies on the configurations installed to: ${HOME}/.cloudcafe/configs/${PRODUCT} by CloudCAFE.

At this stage you will have the Open CAFE Core engine, the CloudCAFE Framework implementation and the Open Source automated test cases. You are now ready to:

  1. Execute the test cases against a deployed Open Stack. or
  2. Write entirely new tests in this repository using the CloudCAFE Framework.


If tests are executed with the built-in cafe-runner, runtime logs will be output to $HOME/.cloudcafe/logs/$PRODUCT/$CONFIGURATION/$TIME_STAMP

In addition, tests built from the built-in CAFE unittest driver will generate csv statistics files in $HOME/.cloudcafe/logs/$PRODUCT/$CONFIGURATION/statistics for each and every execution of each and every test case that provides metrics of execution over time for elapsed time, pass/fail rates, etc…

Basic CloudRoast Package Anatomy

Below is a short description of the top level CloudRoast Packages.


This is the root package for all automated tests. This namespace is currently required by the cafe-runner for any Test Repository plug-in.


OpenStack Identity Service cafe-runner plug-in test cases.


OpenStack Compute Service cafe-runner plug-in test cases.