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  OpenDev Sysadmins 1fae64d4c1 OpenDev Migration Patch 2 months ago
  Ian Wienand 25e4d69242 Replace openstack.org git:// URLs with https:// 3 months ago
  Xicheng Chang 34e734f474 Revert "Merge "fix compasss.sh"" 2 years ago
  Jenkins e4a0189298 Merge "Revert "fix compasss.sh"" 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 2fb331e375 Revert "fix compasss.sh" 2 years ago
  Jenkins 35472d1f15 Merge "fix compasss.sh" 2 years ago
  qiwei.li 1063feea24 fix compasss.sh 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 7432122eaa add ops9 installer 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang f51d0b1424 Purge xenial related files since it does not follow valid file structure. 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang b24e35fa51 Seperate the case of using agent with local server from with c.stack360.io 2 years ago
  chenshuai 5a929be775 add switch for openstack network node's components high availability 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 8ba3e5ccb5 support osp9 and newton 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang f2f38ff301 Make repo name optional 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang c60cab7304 fix error in flask-login 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 9c03171433 Support rhel7 and osp9 2 years ago
  liyuenan 5672aecc31 Add the conf & tmpl file for OpenStack Newton 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 12d9cb35dd disable firewalld 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 723b45c34b Add standalone installation mode for a compass web server 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 0e61a12c76 Make compass work on both remote and local install. 2 years ago
  Yifei Xue 545f1499ea Add odl sfc configuration 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 682ca408d1 fix the bug caused by hostname. 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 71a193dd5b fix the bug caused by install.sh 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 018655de95 update for boto install and registration 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 2b2ecce938 fix bugs in install.sh 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang af4c49294c update register 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang d519f32ebf update compass-celeryd 2 years ago
  Jenkins bf3a664c25 Merge "Remove argparse from requirements" 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 9da13f2b85 Add logstash forwarder to agent. 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 975ac6820c fix url in preseed_post_anamon. 2 years ago
  chenshuai b1904a4e15 add moon enable flag 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang cbdb6093bd Fix some bugs 2 years ago
  Yifei Xue cb66a26868 Add onos sfc support 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang d490c94aec Fix bug in model 2 years ago
  chenshuai 6133285926 Support ubuntu 16.04 and mitaka 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 63dd7d6fc0 Edit cluster and host models. 2 years ago
  chenshuai 3cad9c1ad9 Support ubuntu16.04 and ubuntu14.04 in one ISO file 2 years ago
  Jenkins ecab37e199 Merge "Support Ubuntu16.04" 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 0a50f8da51 Update some package sources 2 years ago
  Xicheng Chang d96761d681 Install a pip pacakge to enable ansible accelerate mode. 2 years ago
  Yifei Xue 7e8a516106 Support Ubuntu 16.04 2 years ago
  chenshuai f12e2d4342 Support Ubuntu16.04 3 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 6b13fb7a39 remove some of the replacement 3 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 62d20d75d5 Edit preseed post anamon snippet 3 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 9449deffce Add confs 3 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 96987b54ac Make two more apache config files. 3 years ago
  Xicheng Chang fb26ea6210 Fix syntax bug in debian.yml 3 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 92061511a5 trim install 3 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 02523b9a7e Trim some install scripts for agent install 3 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 4e1e8063f9 disable acclerate mode 3 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 250bd47366 update install.sh and confs 3 years ago