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  OpenDev Sysadmins d776007a9a OpenDev Migration Patch 5 days ago
  grakiss b4a2106797 Provide access to ELK through the compass web 3 years ago
  Jenkins 83f0f26589 Merge "fix external nic name miss match bug" 3 years ago
  Jenkins 4d7e9e23c9 Merge "fix add interface bug" 3 years ago
  Ming He 5ca99316f2 fix external nic name miss match bug 3 years ago
  Ming He aa0038deea fix add interface bug 3 years ago
  Jenkins 088fb96809 Merge "update ui to work with ansible ha liberty" 3 years ago
  Ming He 9797a4c4a6 update ui to work with ansible ha liberty 3 years ago
  baigk b3e741e1aa add usr and password config item 3 years ago
  Ming He 8a7c18c13d add missing angualr-cookies library in target 3 years ago
  Ming He 6e01037e55 fix gitignroe so bower_components are included in target folder 3 years ago
  Ming He 1ea9bfbae8 add compiled bundle 3 years ago
  Jeremy Stanley 1269db6694 Update .gitreview for new namespace 3 years ago
  Weidong Shao 68904c6331 Deprecate v1 of compass-web 3 years ago
  sharonlucong 523dc148ce fix neutronConfig data structure 3 years ago
  sharonlucong f2a8d782d8 fix package_config ui_ metadata 3 years ago
  chi zhang a602ce2251 fixed drag drop bug and skip steps with error message 3 years ago
  chi zhang b40905200b manually add one machine to a switch 3 years ago
  chi zhang 1d8eeaac99 batch upload switches and machines in csv file 4 years ago
  Jenkins 2eafd08e7b Merge "add default_value for neutron and modify the css" 4 years ago
  sharonlucong 3818764ffe add default_value for neutron and modify the css 4 years ago
  chi zhang cb66b4051c fixed search issue in serverlist 4 years ago
  Jenkins 7c25e25238 Merge "fixed os_global_config meta data issue and add subnet bug" 4 years ago
  sharonlucong 52c70e37ec package_config meta data ui 4 years ago
  chi zhang f9b71a9484 fixed os_global_config meta data issue and add subnet bug 4 years ago
  Jenkins b36a14484c Merge "Add openstack-juno to compass-web" 4 years ago
  Xicheng Chang 396b4672e0 Add openstack-juno to compass-web 4 years ago
  chi zhang 771d5df61c ui metadata os global config 4 years ago
  CongLu 989b1f2ba5 add report function 4 years ago
  chi zhang e6955cea89 1. use bower package manager 2. generate a single JS file 4 years ago
  chi zhang 1f5b894c86 fixed unexpected indentation error 4 years ago
  Jenkins 4237367df1 Merge "fixed os_only flavor bug" 4 years ago
  chi zhang ed31a85221 fixed os_only flavor bug 4 years ago
  Jenkins f4b19a5174 Merge "review page" 4 years ago
  CongLu 8c96a63b85 network_autofill+tab 4 years ago
  CongLu bcf491e313 review page 4 years ago
  Jenkins 1e078e788c Merge "mockData&review updated" 4 years ago
  chi zhang e1df1a5c5a new version compass-web 4 years ago
  CongLu 701acfcea0 mockData&review updated 4 years ago
  CongLu 94130baa44 NeutronConfig+HAConfig 4 years ago
  sharonlucong 56cc825ef4 review page updated 4 years ago
  chi zhang 0d41c806be ui can support ceph_firefly 4 years ago
  Jenkins 2d9bd1e6a9 Merge "add customized constrains on metrics" 4 years ago
  chi zhang 0eb76d6a8e modified autofill display 4 years ago
  Jenkins 7e2ebed331 Merge "fixed: 1. server confidential 2. unchanged username and password on review page." 4 years ago
  chi zhang d7c4935627 fixed: 1. server confidential 2. unchanged username and password on review page. 4 years ago
  jiahuay 64e8204035 Clear default password for server credentials 4 years ago
  chi zhang 5dd8e62752 add customized constrains on metrics 4 years ago
  chi zhang 72fe37edfb switch the topology tabs 4 years ago
  Jenkins 2734834088 Merge "Added a relative time range" 4 years ago